My computer has died :(

I finally made it over to my Mom’s to write this post! Unfortunately Friday morning I woke up, turned on my computer and…. nothing!

My computer is dead :( :(

We took it in to the repair place Friday. They called later to say that Windows crashed and that they aren’t sure if my hard drive is able to be saved or not. They are supposed to be trying to do some data recovery for me, all of our family pictures back to 2004 are on there! Plus all of my email and contacts! They said that if there is no physical damage to the hard drive they may be able to save my pictures ($45.00 an Hour!!!) but that recovering anything from Outlook Express is almost impossible.

Basically this really sucks and I have no way to contact anyone! If you are a PR rep that I’ve worked with, are currently working with or have missed a deadline for please know that I feel absolutely terrible about this! I will try to be in touch with you as soon as possible. I am going to be trying to forward my email to  my gmail account but I am not sure if all of them will come through and it will only be the ones since Friday so if you have been in touch with me before then please touch base with me again. Email forwarding is NOT working for me so If you haven’t heard from me in awhile you can try sweetgingerdog at gmail dot com for urgent issues.

To my readers, please don’t give up on me! I am missing all of you terribly and even though I don’t know if my computer will be fixed tomorrow, next week or next month you can be sure that I WILL be back! I have so many fun giveaways planned and am excited about the upcoming holiday season!Also, please know the current giveaways are still going!

I am pretty upset about this and am trying not to think about everything I’ve lost on my computer – it’s hard though! My computer has done a lot for me since we bought it in new in 2004. That old HP opened up doors that I didn’t even know were there. Being without it is strange but I am going to try and take this unexpected reprieve to spend more time with my family. Maybe the house will get cleaned (HA!), maybe I’ll catch up with my reading (almost done with Cold Mountain), maybe I’ll do some more crocheting. Love you all and see you soon!


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    I hope you didn’t take it to Best Buy…

    That stinks about your computer. :(. I keep meaning to back mine up, and this is just the push I need. I really hope they are able to recover your pictures!

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      No, we DID buy it at Best Buy back in 204 though! I took to a local shop, I am so scared of what they are going to charge and say :( The irony is that just two weeks ago i put an external hard drive in my Amazon wishlist and was trying to save up for it. too late!

  2. 3

    I hope you get it back soon. Our 2004 computer also died recently. We figured that at the cost to repair it, it was cheaper to get a new one since we had almost everything backed up. I told my husband I’d la Mosy or Carbonite subscription for Christmas.

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    I completely know what you are going through!! 2 weeks ago my computer crashed as well :'( and it really upsets me that I lost around 1 month worth of photos (in my case that means tooooons of photos!!)

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      I’m so sorry for your loss! When I do get my computer (or a new one if needed) I plan on getting both an external hard drive to store my pics on AND doing cd/dvd backups every month. I cannot take this stress again! I am still hoping my pictures can be saved but haven’t heard yet!

  4. 6
    David Roknich says

    sorry to hear about your computer – here’s a bit of unsolicited inside information. I used to work at a large university were we did the first beta testing for Outlook in 1997. I personally don’t like it – but our Dean came from the college of business, so it was a job.

    It’s not that hard to recover outlook. Perhaps they’ve removed even more features from the express version over the years – but it always had it’s files stored in a large sinlge file that could often be recovered (hehe too often, in my opinion).

    Nonetheless, sounds like yours is past tense and from here on you should get Thunderbird. It is free and it is good.
    Better yet, as soon as you can download, go to Ubuntu and get their free CD. Or have them mail you one. You can run the entire system from the CD without changing anything on your hard drive.

    I installed it to my hard drive(s) – on 3 different machines – no virus checkers and no viruses.

    It has Thunderbird built in as a mail client. It is here:

    by the way, I like the name and concept of your blog. I found through one of the followers of my “Fresh Green Blogspot”

    good luck.

    – dave

    • 7

      Thank yo for that advice, I have yet to hear if anything was recoverable, A friend in the Army is looking at it so we’ll see what he can do!

      I actually have the Ubuntu cd and was thinking about it the other day. I may try it out when I find out if my hard drive is still operational or not. Since Windows crashed I’m not sure if I can still use it or not though.

  5. 8

    Oh, honey, I am so sorry. That sucks extra big time. I know how you feel. It’s a reminder to us all to do what we can to backup our information. My best friend keeps telling me to do this virtual back up thingy, but I keep putting it off. Even my computer tells me I haven’t done one. I better get that done as soon as I can. Good luck and I hope it doesn’t cost to much to repair.

  6. 9

    I know exactly how you feel :( This happened to me as well, and although I recovered some parts, I lost 2 years worth of pictures…Since then I always keep my photos and other important things on DVDs and CDs – 2 copies each. Hopefully you will recover everything. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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