How do you say that in PA – Dialect Vlog Hop #5

Once again it’s time to participate in the Dialect Vlog Hop that Annie from the Mama Dweeb blog has created. This is such a fun {and sometimes silly} way to hear how your favorite bloggers and bloggy friends’ voices sound. My son, Mr.T., got into the action today and I think this is my favorite […]

Dialect Vlog Hop 4 – From PA

Annie over at has another Dialect Vlog Hop up! These are really a fun way to get to know the faces, and voices, behind some of your favorite blogs! My hair needed combed and the sun glare wasn’t so great but here is my dorky video anyway. I had to edit out a piece […]

How do you say that in Pennsylvania? VLOG Hop

Finally I¬† said “who cares if I look like a dork” and found the courage to participate in one of’s fun vlog hops! This is called “How Do You say that in {insert your state here}?” It’s pretty interesting to see what differences there are in certain areas of the country. I have a […]