Dialect Vlog Hop 4 – From PA

Annie over at MammaDweeb.com has another Dialect Vlog Hop up! These are really a fun way to get to know the faces, and voices, behind some of your favorite blogs! My hair needed combed and the sun glare wasn’t so great but here is my dorky video anyway. I had to edit out a piece in the middle where I was literally babbling  on and on about nothing while trying to remember the phrase my Gramma always said. It was right on the tip of my tongue but just wouldn’t come out in words until I stopped and thought about it :) Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to go link up at MamaDweeb.com!

How it works:
You read the list of words and answer the list of questions on a vlog. Then, you upload the video to your blog and link up here so we can all go and see how we say things the same or different! It is amazing how many different ways there are to say something and really fun to hear the different accents (or lack of accents) from different places.

The Words:
why, outside, chic, boutique, February, Right of way, Porsche, Behind, Tomorrow, Bye, Organization

The Questions:
Pin & Pen – do you same them the same or different?
What do you call a place you go that serves mainly alcoholic beverages?
What is the grey tape that can fix any broken object?
What do you call someone that isn’t “cool”?
A phrase your grandparents always said?
What do you call a girl that acts silly and unintelligent?
Slow as ______
Quick as _________
Happy as a ________

My video:

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  1. It’s been a blast going through everyone’s dialect vlogs! I hadn’t heard happy as a lark before, but you’re the 2nd blog that I’ve come across where you say a lark instead of a clam. I also enjoy hearing sayings from blogger’s grandparents. It’s neat to hear other generation’s ways of saying things! :)

    • I don’t even know why I said Lark, I’ve never heard anyone use that phrase it just popped into my head so I must have heard it somewhere! Thanks for stopping!

  2. You said only one or two things differently than I do. It’s fun to hear how people pronounce things!

  3. You sound like my friends from Gettysburg. And I find it so funny that most people think they say pin and pen differently, but they sound the same to me.

  4. TheChickenista says

    I think we had a lot of pronunciations similar. Everyone is saying happy as a lark, i hadn’t heard it til now. :)

  5. I hear an accent too.

    You are adorable!

    • lol, isn’t it funny how others hear us! My voice is weirdly squeaky in this for some reason, maybe that’s why everyone always asks me if my dad is home when I answer the phone, lol!

  6. I think that you sound like the majority of people in Ohio…so cute!

    • lol, thanks! I think that some of my cousins who live about 20 miles south of me have an accent, it’s more of a city accent that I can always hear when they talk!

  7. I am a new follower via GFC and Facebook. I hope you can stop by my blog and check it out and follow back.

  8. I only hear a little bit of an accent, but I’m not sure what kind. I don’t think you said anything that I would consider funny or odd.
    It was really nice hearing you again. I love meeting everyone this way.
    Have a great week.

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