How do you say that in Pennsylvania? VLOG Hop

Finally I  said “who cares if I look like a dork” and found the courage to participate in one of’s fun vlog hops! This is called “How Do You say that in {insert your state here}?” It’s pretty interesting to see what differences there are in certain areas of the country. I have a Plain Jane voice with no accent, when I lived in Tennessee for a few months {almost 20 years ago Yikes!} I picked up the accent very quickly. Everyone made fun of me when I moved back home. I still have a few leftovers from those days like saying ya’ll too much. I also have a sister who moved here from Carolina who has an accent and I do sometimes tend to fall into it a bit when I’m around her.

If you’d like to participate it’s easy! Grab your camera and head over to to link up and visit the other VLOGgers.

How do you say that in Kansas? VLOG hop 3!

The Questions/Words

Pillow, Exhausted, Governor, Entrepreneurial, Calm, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Bagel, ambulance, aqua, femoral, address, rural, hypocrisy

What do you call a store where you buy alcohol?
What do you call it when you blow on a baby’s tummy and make them laugh?
What do you call batting your eyelashes on someone’s cheek?
What is another way of saying, “to deceive,” or “swindle?”
What is a funny way to say someone is not smart? (one fry short of a happy meal?)
Another name for butt?
What do you call it when you drive through mud. Lots of it, often fast and pray you don’t get stuck?

Have fun! Oh and I swear I own other shirts! For some reason I keep getting caught in my Cheers shirt, it’s just s comfy and makes me sing the theme song in my head :). Also, I should have answered question number five with “Not the sharpest tool in the shed” Duh!

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  1. 1
    Beatrice Gevin says

    1. beer joint
    2. blowing rasberry 3. butterfly kisses
    4. a scum bag a lying cheat
    5. have you lost your marbles..or they no on
    6. bum / like seat on your bum
    7. my husband, Lee took me threw the mud in my ex-husband’s truck when doing an errand, and he called it

    • 2

      MOM! You should do a vlog lol! Next time I’m coming over there and we’re doing it together :) THAT should be very interesting Love you <3

  2. 3

    I’m so glad you joined! I miss giving butterfly kisses and blowing rasberries too…the time flies! Have a great day!

  3. 4

    I love that you get your hubbie involved, that made me giggle. “One brick shy of a ton” that is funny! I liked it.

    I can tell your husband and you have tons of fun together. You did great!

  4. 6
    Janene Murphy says

    Ha ha! How fun. Gotta say, though, as someone from Chicago, you say ‘Wisconsin’ all wrong. You’re ‘oh’ needs to sound like ‘ah’….Maybe it’s just me. ;) As for dumb folks? Well, they aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, are they? Not enough books in their library, either. Just trying to help.

    And I also remember raspberries. Baby’s tummies are so fun!

  5. 7

    My hubby says stuff like one brick shy of a ton, not the sharpest tool in the shed… he’s got lots. I should have asked him when I was doing mine, I could only come up with one.
    So glad you played along, these are really fun and Annie is just the cutest.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. 8

    LOL, I didn’t get a chance to join in this week (computer issues) but will try to get in next week- love hearing all of these!

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