How do you say that in PA – Dialect Vlog Hop #5

mamadweeb.comOnce again it’s time to participate in the Dialect Vlog Hop that Annie from the Mama Dweeb blog has created. This is such a fun {and sometimes silly} way to hear how your favorite bloggers and bloggy friends’ voices sound.

My son, Mr.T., got into the action today and I think this is my favorite vlog so far! I can’t wait to hop over to your blog and listen to your answers!

The Words:

Aluminum, Dunce, Wagon, Carolina, Later, Misery, Told, Brother, Lord, Beer, Homemaker, Vacuum, Washer, Respond

The Questions:
1. What are the locals called where you are from?
2. What do you call the candy you suck on a stick?
3. What goes on top of your “to go cup of soda?”
4. Is tea sweet or unsweet?
5. What is another way of saying someone is “new” to something?
6. What do you call a place that is not anywhere NEAR a city? “out in the….”
7. What do you call people related to you? “they are my…..”
8. What do tell your children to call another adult? Do your children call them by their first name? Last name?
9. Do you know what cheese curds are? if so, do you like them?
10. what is a way to say, “Yes, I agree”?



p.s. I’m sorry our voices are low, I had the camera too far away! you may have to turn up the volume! Thanks <3

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  1. 1

    Okay, I super love that your son did this with you! I did one today, too… it doesn’t sound like we have too many differences! I don’t know what cheese curds are either! LOL

  2. 2
    Catalina says

    Hi there! I’m new to the vlog hop. Um, yes you do kinda have an accent. ;) It’s the first time I hear “out in the sticks”. Cool!

  3. 3

    I love that your son joined you! How awesome!
    And yes, I meant a lid LOL (I was cracking up at this bleep…..that was funny)

    I’ve heard out in the sticks before!

    But my favorite was “they are my blood!” Your son has a great sense of humor!

  4. 4

    Hey! I came over from the MomDot forums. I love this! I missed the last one, #4 I think. I’m so doing this one. Yall are funny :o) I’m your newest follower on GFC too btw.

  5. 5

    Oh this is so can see the sense of humor between you and your son.
    Love the accents:) LOL

  6. 6

    I can’t believe Avenged Sevenfold is still around LOL. Love hearing y’all talk. :)

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