Overnight Dill Dip #recipe

One of my very favorite appetizers to serve at family get togethers is the simplest one — dip and crudites! Dill dip is super easy to make and everyone usually likes the subtle flavor with veggies, cheese and crackers or bread chunks. This dill dip tastes best when made the night before so it can […]

Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe by Pie

I finally broke down and bought a new blender at Walmart. The 29.99 Black & Decker one. I {{REALLY}} really wanted the Ninja Blender, but couldn’t talk myself into spending $89.00 so I could have a smoothie. I just couldn’t do it. Maybe another day. Anyways, Pie decided to create her own smoothie tonight. She […]

10 ways to eat Chive flowers

With their mild onion flavor and gorgeous purple color, chive flowers are not only pretty in the flower garden, they are also a wonderful addition to your meal. Use them in salads, vegetable dishes, casseroles, cheese and egg dishes, potatoes, and even cream cheese! Pick your chive blossoms when the flowers are just opening for […]

Make delicious Apple Butter in your Crock Pot #recipe

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and the season’s apples are one of the most versatile fruits to cook and bake with! When I finally got back online last month one of the first things I did was look up the Easy Slow Cooker Apple Butter recipe I remembered reading about on Oh My! […]

Zesty Tuna Pocket – Quick Blogger Lunch

Instead of writing one of the seventy billion reviews I have in draft right now I thought I’d share a yummy recipe with you! How’s that for procrastination? Since I started blogging I’ve found my lunch eating habits getting worse and worse. I mean 2 pretzel rods and a caramel pudding cup are in no […]

Homemade Pore Cleanser Mask

This is something I’ve been wanting to make and I keep losing the recipe or forgetting about it! Well no longer, I’m putting it here in a post so I cannot lose it again! This particular recipe came form a Frugal Village blog post. I subscribe to the newsletter, there are some wonderful tips in […]