Zesty Tuna Pocket – Quick Blogger Lunch

Instead of writing one of the seventy billion reviews I have in draft right now I thought I’d share a yummy recipe with you! How’s that for procrastination? Since I started blogging I’ve found my lunch eating habits getting worse and worse. I mean 2 pretzel rods and a caramel pudding cup are in no way the healthy lunch I envision eating every day. (no matter how yummy!) My kids are at school and I have precious little time to blog and surf the web while they’re there. I hate wasting that time by actually making lunch. This is a quick sandwich that I vary from day to day. I’m only using the name brands here because that’s exactly how I ate it today and it was oh so good!

tuna pita

Next time I’m going to add fresh rosemary and maybe a slice of cheese just to see how that tastes. Really, it’s so simply but so delicious and I think actually a little bit good for you too! Yesterday I ate it without the mayo and it wasn’t too bad. The bonus is that it gets you back to blogging quickly!

Anyone else have any quick lunch ideas/recipes they’d like to share? I’m always looking for new ones to try! Now I’m ready to tackle some of those drafts!

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Zesty Tuna Pocket – Quick Blogger Lunch
Prep time
Total time
A zesty seasoned tuna fish sandwich spread that's stuffed into a pita shell.
Recipe type: Lunch
Serves: 1
  • ½ 4.5oz pouch Starkist Tuna Creations Zesty Lemon Pepper flavor
  • 1 Father Sam's Whole Wheat Pita Pocket (I love 'em thick like this one!)
  • 1-2 Tbs Hellman's REAL mayonnaise
  • 6 - 8 baby carrots, thinly sliced or chopped
  • 1 small stalk celery, diced
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • lettuce
  1. Nothing to it, cut your pita in half and microwave it for 10 seconds to warm it.
  2. Mix together the tuna, mayo, carrots, celery & seasonings.
  3. Stuff the pita with a leaf of lettuce or two and spoon your tuna filling into each side. Enjoy!

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    Blessie Nelson says

    This is such a wonderful and super easy recipe. Thank you for sharing!

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