A healthier lunch with Barilla Microwaveable Pasta Meals

Now that the kids are finally back in school, you would think I would have more time for me. First, I need to play catch up with all of the work and household chores that I’ve let go over the summer! Often times I’ll be scrambling so much during the day that I forget to […]

My favorite Egg Salad sandwich #recipe

You either love an egg salad sandwich, or you hate it. I happen to enjoy them, especially in the summer when my chickens are laying eggs like crazy. Sandwiches are the perfect way to use up all of those excess eggs!  This is a quick recipe that can be varied to suite any taste, this […]

My SUPER Cold Taco Supper! Guest Post by Pie

Ok, hey everyone this is Pie! Writing MY post……FINALLY!!!  I have been buggin my mom about writing a post 4eva!! And now i get to about….hmmm FOOD! weehoo! =) So I had made supper tonight although I didn’t eat lunch… This is what I made everyone for supper. I had a soft taco shell right and […]

Zesty Tuna Pocket – Quick Blogger Lunch

Instead of writing one of the seventy billion reviews I have in draft right now I thought I’d share a yummy recipe with you! How’s that for procrastination? Since I started blogging I’ve found my lunch eating habits getting worse and worse. I mean 2 pretzel rods and a caramel pudding cup are in no […]