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Can you believe how quickly Easter has snuck up on us this year? I was a bit shocked when I looked at my calendar recently and realized that Easter Sunday is less than one week away! Our family gathers together each year to celebrate the beginning of Spring and the last thing I want to be, is stuck in the kitchen with last minute dinner preparations! I’d rather be visiting with my family and enjoying their company. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sample a delicious dinner from Schwan’s Home Delivery service this past Sunday. 

Let me just start by saying although this is a review, we are {and have been} regular Schwan’s customers since 1999! I also have fond memories of the goodies my friend’s family used to stock up the freezer with when I was a child! Mmm, anyone remember those pizza burgers? Anyways, back to the present!

“For over 55 years Route Sales Representatives have paid visits to households just like yours, delivering delicious, easy-to-prepare meals and friendly personalized service. Every two weeks we’ll stop by with your choice of over 350 restaurant-quality products, all of which naturally come with a 100% quality guarantee. 

Each product is made with restaurant-quality ingredients, flash frozen and kept at a constant temp to be able to maintain their great taste. All items are easy to prepare, and go from freezer to microwave, oven or grill.  Schwan’s also carries complete meal kits, and many items can be prepared in under 30 minutes, and feature convenient packaging with individual wrapped portions so that there’s no waste.”

We were able to try several frozen food items for the first time with this complete meal from Schwan’s! 

Schwan's food delivery service

 One of many reasons that I like to order from Schwan’s is the fact that their products come in easy to store packaging. Most items come in a box that fits nicely into my freezer and keeps the food from getting squashed and banged up. Most of the frozen fruits and veggies come in resealable heavy duty bags as well — that makes storing and using them very convenient and keeps the food from becoming freezer burnt!

Schwan’s also has lots of healthy diet options with their Live Smart line of products, like the frozen Green Peas {#766} we sampled. I love frozen peas and these ones did not disappoint. They were fresh and sweet, just the way they should be. Plus, the 2 1/2 bag is large enough for several meals.

Schwan's sliced ham and frozen green peas potatoes & pie

This pretty little Sliced Ham {#492} is 4.25 pounds and will serve quite a few people! It’s all pre-sliced and fully cooked so can be eaten hot or cold. I chose to heat ours up in the crock-pot with a can of pineapple slices, a tsp of ground cloves and a tablespoon of brown sugar, just to make it special. I only served half of the ham, we’re having the other half in omelettes for supper tonight!

I was really surprised by how much was in the family sized Au Gratin Potatoes tray {#702}! It easily fed the five of us (my son’s girlfriend joined our dinner) with just enough left over for my lunch today — woohoo! To be fair, it would probably serve more but we all went back for seconds! The potatoes are so good, they are just cheesy enough and very creamy with a bit of bread crumbs on top. They really taste homemade and besides the pie, were my favorite dish. 

Schwan's au gratin potatoes

To the sample meal, I added a loaf of French Baguette Bread that I had in the freezer from a previous Home Delivery order. Along with the multigrain loaf, this is my favorite bread from the company to use as a side dish (it’s awesome for philly cheese steaks!)

Mmm, a perfect meal for the holidays or a Sunday dinner with the family!

Schwan's Easter dinner

 The pie, Oh the pie! I think this is my new favorite Schwan’s item. It’s a good thing that this is a seasonal pie or I would order it all the time — not good for my diet! This huge Triple Berry Apple Rhubarb Pie {#064} comes with a packet of Vanilla sauce to drizzle over the top – yum! The pie had amazing flavor, while the rhubarb flavor didn’t really jump out at me, I could definitely tell it was in there.

The flavors of the blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, apple and rhubarb all complemented each other so nicely and with a big scoop of Schwan’s delicious Vanilla Ice Cream {#204} on top, well it was heavenly! I’m going to order two more of these pies from our Schwan’s man this week so I can share them with my family on Easter!

Schwan's rhubarb triple berry pie

I love using Schwan’s Home Delivery Service to add a bit of variety to our monthly menu. It’s so nice to be able to have the option to take advantage of this convenient service without sacrificing quality! There is still plenty of time to order everything you need for your Easter gathering! 

Schwan's Easter meal

How to purchase?

Keep up to date with all of Schwan’s current sales and  new products via the Schwan’s Facebook page. You can place an order through, over the phone at 1-888-SCHWANS, or via your Route Sales Representative. Orders can be delivered by the big Yellow Schwan’s truck, dropped off in a reusable freezer bag, or sent through UPS.

FYI: My Schwan’s man told me this evening that there is an Anniversary sale starting (I think) tomorrow! If you order $60 worth of product then you get a coupon book with $60 worth of coupons (I think). Okay, that wasn’t very helpful but I was more worried about seeing if he had my pies on board or not and was only half listening!

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I wrote this review after receiving a complimentary meal provided by Schwan’s Home Delivery. No other compensation was received and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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    Looks delicious! Making me hungry for Easter dinner. What did you add to the top of the pie?

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    Ok, that post made me soooo hungry! The thought of putting icing on pie is genius :)

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    That’s a full Easter feast! That pie looks delicious!

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    MMM looks great. We are making beef on wec for Easter, yummy! The pie looks so good right now even at 830AM!

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