Save Time and Reduce Stress with a Home Warranty

New homeowners are often overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities that come with owning a house, which is why having plans for a home warranty is something valuable and should not be looked over.

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A home warranty, not to be confused with home insurance, is a contract that provides discounted repair and replacements on the home’s major components and items, like the furnace, air conditioning unit, electrical systems, plumbing, laundry appliances, refrigerators, and occasionally swimming pools.

There are many benefits to having a home warranty that will give you some free time while taking away stress over unnecessary stressors.

Home warranties cost less than the total cost of repairs made over time.

Think about it. Home warranties can cost a few hundred dollars, ranging from $350 to $500 depending on the different aspects of your house, but the cost of repairs can quickly go above that price over time. If all of a sudden, your air conditioning goes out or breaks, it can cost anywhere from $300 to $1900, which is pretty much the entire cost of your home warranty contract. Having the home warranty saves you a large chunk of money in the long run.

Warranties provide reassurance to new homeowners  

When buying a house, new or old, it can be kind of scary to think about the unknown condition of all of the appliances and house components. If you are buying a house from someone else, they could be lying about the real state of all of the devices, and if you built your house, the construction could have problems you do not know about. Having a home warranty to help you take care of all of the mishaps can ease stress and provide reassurance that it can all get taken care of professionally.

There are different lengths of how long different things are covered with a home warranty. Structural problems often have coverage for up to 10 years; HVAC units, plumbing, and electrical systems are typically covered for 2 years; there is a one-year coverage on different, smaller items such as drywall, paint, and concrete, and appliances are usually included for around 6 months. The exact length may vary, due to the home warranty company you are working with, but these are the average and standard measures.

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Home warranties provide fewer unanticipated costs.

Without a home warranty, you will have to set aside a budget or emergency savings account to allow you to pay for costly repairs, but it can be shocking when you find out how expensive specific maintenance is. You have to take into consideration you are paying for the new or fixed unit, labor, and supplies, so a singular repair cost can be entirely unanticipated. It is quite easy to go into debt when it comes to having different repairs done. With a home warranty, those pricey, unexpected bills are quickly eliminated and taken care of.

Finding people to provide service is quick and easy.

An essential aspect of having a home warranty is that the home warranty company you are making the contract with will supply you with a list of professionals in the areas that your contract covers. You will not have to search on the internet for hours and ask friends and family members who they recommend because you will already have a certified professional ready to help at your door.

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Home warranties give you the security of unlimited and flexible service requests

Along with having a list of professionals that will readily be available to help you, you have the ability and right to get help whenever you need it. You can call in and give them a request for their service 24/7, with no limits on how much support you receive. If you are having a rough week and one thing keeps breaking after another, there is no penalty for requesting service, since it is the home warranty company’s only responsibility to help you with those things.

Home warranties are excellent for the not so handy man

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While home warranties may be more expensive than a do it yourself quick fix, not everybody is skilled in the appliance repair area, so home warranties are excellent for those people. It takes the stress and time off of the trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot to get the supplies, then watching a million YouTube videos trying to learn how to fix the electrical problems in your refrigerator, just to screw the wrong screw into the wrong spot, forcing you to take it all apart again.

Instead, with a home warranty, you just have to make a quick call or send a quick E-Mail, and someone will be there as soon as possible to get the job done right, and professionally.

Getting a home warranty may not be of interest to many people, especially the people who like to take home tasks on by themselves, but in the long run, home warranties save homeowners more time, money, and stress than anything else. Owning a home should not have to be a chore, and home warranties make it easy.

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