Protect Your Wallet Against Appliance Breakdown With the Help of a Home Warranty

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When the appliances and components we depend on break down, it’s a frustrating experience that takes away our confidence and peace of mind. We take these items for granted and realize how much we need them when a problem occurs. But such mishaps occur as the age of our items increase and wear and tear sets in, especially those most-commonly used items around the house that get used every day, even multiple times per day. It’s important to know the warning signs of problems and how to respond when issues occur with your appliances so you do not cost yourself more time and hassle than necessary.

Protect Your Finances With a Home Warranty

Just one or two breakdowns in a year’s time can cost you a considerable amount of money that may not be easy to come by if you are on a limited budget. The issues above are only some of the many issues that can require immediate repair, so it’s clear to see how much money you may fork out in expenses if several problems occur in the home. Luckily, protection is there with the TotalProtect Home Warranty in place. This great home warranty protects homeowners from unplanned expenses by covering the costs of repairs when problems occur with the appliances above and many others that we frequently use and depend on to make our life simple and comfortable. It’s an affordable means of protection that every homeowner needs.


Refrigerators are one of the most commonly used appliances in the home. We depend on this appliance to keep our cold foods cold. Most refrigerators include a separate freezer for frozen foods. Problems that may occur with the refrigerator range from minor mishaps such as frost in the refrigerator/freezer to more troublesome concerns such as a refrigerator that doesn’t cool. It costs an average of $223 to repair a refrigerator, though rates vary depending on the source of trouble.


It costs an average of $287 to repair a broken-down furnace, but some people find the rates more than $500 when major problems occur with their unit. That’s due to the many problems that cause furnaces to break down. Furnace lights that go out or won’t stay lit or a furnace that doesn’t properly heat are among the most common furnace problems that need a fast repair. You cannot be without the furnace long, but you certainly hate the idea of enduring those costs.


Gas and electric ovens each face their own mishaps that cause them to improperly function, making it difficult to prepare meals for the family. The problems only worsen if you don’t call an expert to come out and make a repair at the first sign of trouble. An oven that won’t heat, bulbs shot, and gas fumes are among the most common oven issues that people experience. Oven repair costs an average of $60 – $140.


A loose power connection, frayed wires, broken motors, not having the dishes get clean, and many other problems may stand in the way of your clean dishes when the dishwasher fails to work. Few people like to wash dishes by hand, so if the dishwasher breaks down, it is a huge concern. Whether the dishwasher won’t turn on or does not work as anticipated, call a professional! Expect to pay $50 – $300 to repair a dishwasher mishap.

Air Conditioner

Dirty air filters cause problems with the air conditioner, such as improper cooling, not to mention the decrease in the life expectancy of the unit. Change them regularly to prevent problems and to regain the longest possible life from the unit. If the air conditioner is leaking, the unit ‘freezes’ up, or if the rooms in the home aren’t being equally cooled, it’s a problem that a professional should address. Such issues are among the most common that a homeowner will experience with their unit. The average air conditioner repair costs $170 – $550, depending on the problem the unit sustains.

As you can see, appliances can break down over time. Having everything working good in our homes makes life go so much smoother. Check into a home warranty and get more information to help you make an informed decision.

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