A reminder that it’s Motorcycle season again in the Northeast!

our old Triumph Motorcycle - sure miss that bike!

My husband, Super G., loves his motorcycle. Ever since I’ve know him, Super G. has owned at least one bike and he has always been a big supporter of others who show an interest in owning a bike. I don’t have a problem with my husband loving motorcycles. In fact, Super G. and I have enjoyed countless hours of ride time along the country roads in our area on his motorcycles. We were both members of our local ABATE {Alliance of Bikers Aimed Towards Education} club for several years and had some really fun times cruising with a great bunch of bikers. I miss those times! 

What I have learned from having a partner who is so interested in this amazing past time is that not only are motorcycles fun, but they can be extremely dangerous as well. Sadly, a motorcyclist can take all of the correct safety precautions and be prepared for every situation and still not be able to predict when the worst imaginable disaster may strike. Just one of the many reasons you may want to have a motorcycle accident lawyer in your address book is the fact that they can offer very important safety reminders and tips for those of us who do not want to give up a favorite hobby.

First and foremost, a motorcycle safety course is something that every single biker, young or old, should take before even thinking about getting on the road. My husband took the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program course several years ago when new bike laws came into effect. It is one of the single most important things you can do to be prepared – I especially think this is so very important for younger or newer bikers who just don’t have the experience that the older generation might have. These free courses will teach you what the proper safety gear is, how to do pre-ride safety checklists, proper operating procedures, headlight and helmet law information and so much more.

I always am on the lookout for bikers when I am on the road. If everyone, including both bikers and other vehicle operators, would be more aware of who is around them while they are driving, we could prevent so many tragic accidents from happening in the first place. It is so important to be well informed and to learn how to be able to drive on the defensive as a motorcyclist. The more you know and are prepared, the less likely the chances of ever having to deal with a serious accident attorney, hospitalization or even death. Please, Ride Safe!


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    I am in Florida so it’s always motorcycle season! My dad always has a roadtrip around this time of year to go up to DC. The weather is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. 2

    I know a lot of motorcycle fans too!

  3. 3

    My dad rides so I always show caution to the bikers. Great reminder!

  4. 4

    All the bikes were out last week, that is for sure :)

  5. 5

    This could be anywhere in the US right now. I am afraid of motorcycles and am so glad my husband doesn’t have one.

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    Some motorcyclists drive like they are invincible! I wish more would take those classes you mentioned!

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