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If you have a tween in your house, you have probably been hearing about the upcoming Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards airing this weekend! My daughter is super excited to be attending her BFF’s 3rd annual Kids’s Choice Awards slumber party :). Here’s a peek at some classic kids’ entertainment from the past and present! The winner for Best Family Movie of the ’80s was Back to the Future. Home Alone was voted best of the ’90s and Harry Potter took the crown for best of the 2000’s.  

What do you think of these results? You can compare your answers to the Infographic’s by taking this SodaHead Nickelodeon Nostalgia poll!

family films infographic



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    Interesting list! Where is “The Little Mermaid” under the ’90s movies though? That one was my fave LOL! :)

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    Carretto's Photography says

    Interesting that I didn’t see Macauley Culkin’s name in that list of top child stars…and I never really thought of Sean Astin as a child actor. More of an adult actor that kind of looks young

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