What To Look for When Choosing a Guitar Teacher

Have you ever thought how awesome it would be to learn the guitar? Of course you have! We all have at one point or another because music is such a huge part of our lives. Being able to play a guitar would allow us to gain a deeper meaning and appreciation for music and we […]

The Art of Maximizing Spare Time

In today’s busy world, no one can afford to obsess over finding a dream vacation, or discovering the perfect art form to devote one’s time to. So often, the reality is that we must take what fun we can get, especially in those stolen moments of spare recreation time that we occasionally accrue. Hence, the trend nowadays […]

Encouraging children to explore new hobbies

As parents, it is our job to encourage our children to expand their horizons and try new things. Whether our children are interested in sports, art, music or any number of other age appropriate hobbies, encouragement can mean the difference between failure and success. Especially with musical hobbies, children can quickly become frustrated and overwhelmed […]

A reminder that it’s Motorcycle season again in the Northeast!

My husband, Super G., loves his motorcycle. Ever since I’ve know him, Super G. has owned at least one bike and he has always been a big supporter of others who show an interest in owning a bike. I don’t have a problem with my husband loving motorcycles. In fact, Super G. and I have […]