Affordable and Meaningful Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Affordable and Meaningful Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Boyfriends, fiances and husbands are the hardest to buy for, making special occasions stressful. Your goal is to find the perfect, meaningful gift that won’t make you cringe at your bank statement. The goal of gift giving is to give someone something they will cherish for a very long time. Here are some helpful ideas, and tips for you ending with the best one yet!

  1. An experience

One of the most popular gifts to give now is an experience, something that can never be lost or forgotten. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge trip. Even just a staycation would be a wonderful getaway for the man in your life. A change of scenery even just for one night can be cleansing and relaxing. Either leave them to themselves for the night, or go with them, it is up to you. To take it a step further, try and plan the entire day out, visit a museum, go to a concert, go to an improv class. Getting out of your comfort zone, and getting them out of theirs will create a memorable moment for either you or both of you.

  1. A spa day

Does it seem like you are reading the wrong article? Well you’re not! Everyone needs a relaxing and carefree day every once in a while. The man in your life may hesitate, but they will very much appreciate the gesture once they have had a long and relaxing day. You love a good massage, why wouldn’t they as well? If they feel uncomfortable enjoying a spa day by themselves, join them (which isn’t too bad for you). After a long week this would be one of the best gifts someone could receive.

  1. Treat him to a shopping day

Yes, you’re still reading the right article. Men love the finer things in life too! Think of the gifts you have gotten and were disappointed by, and had to pretend you liked. Men go through the same things we go through. One of the best gifts I have gotten was a shopping trip, I had fun knowing I got exactly what I wanted and he didn’t have to waste money on something I didn’t want. A bonus was I  got to spend the day with my significant other. Now, the important part is to go to a store you know he will like, don’t take him to the mall if he doesn’t enjoy it. It could be as simple of taking him to a video game store and letting him pick out a game he’s had his eye on. Maybe a pair of shoes, or even getting him a nice outfit and letting him treat himself to something he doesn’t normally do.

  1. Selfcare

First, a lot of men have a hard time keeping up with any sort of self care routine. Make it easy for him and get him a skin routine kit and set it up for him in his bathroom. If you get him products that are easy to use with a short list of steps, you may have this one in the bag! Not only is this a great gift for him, but for you as well! He will thank you later. Second, a gym membership where he can work towards health goals. Self care is important for all of us to practice. Bringing an inspiration of self care home is meaningful and encourages the importance of loving one’s self.

  1. Meals for a week

This may seem odd, but there are many men who go to work with either a deli sandwich, leftovers, or the fact knowing they will have to take a long lunch and pay for lunch. Something that could be extremely helpful and thoughtful would be to make a large amount of food and space them out into five tupperware’s for each day of the week. How amazing would it be for your man to go to work with a delicious hot home cooked meal? He will not only be extremely grateful (and full) but he will be reminded each day of the week of the care, time, and effort you put into this gift.   

  1. Personalized Wallet

The best was saved for last, the best gift I have given my significant other was a personalized wallet. His wallet is something he uses everyday, he is reminded of the wonderful gift each time he uses it. This is especially sweet because he travels quite a bit. Having engraved notes in a wallet is a forever reminder of how important that person is to you. Not only is Swanky Badger easy to use, but it is also affordable. They are not only a great gift for you significant other, but it is also a great gift for a father, father figure, brother etc. Having any gift that is personalized is extremely thoughtful and meaningful. Especially when it is something that can be so useful that it is used every single day. How great is it to be reminded how important you are to someone?


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