How to decorate your living room to fit your personality

Your living room is essentially the most crucial space in your home. It’s often the first thing people encounter upon entering, and it’s likely where your family spends most of your time together.

For these reasons, you want your living room to reflect your personality and way of living. One key to maximizing the potential of a living room while achieving the look and feel most important to you is carefully selecting furniture that fits the space and is able to serve multiple purposes.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to choose the right living room furniture based on your predetermined needs.

  • Choose Furniture with Hidden Storage

It’s smart to choose furniture with built-in storage as it helps limit clutter. Options like Seven Drawer Desk with Black Leather Top from Century Furniture can ensure you have ample space to store belongings. Nothing is more unappealing than clutter lying around. Additionally, this type of furniture works well for individuals who work from home and use the living room as their office space. The best furniture brands offer furniture collections in a variety of styles including contemporary, transitional and traditional.

  • Get The Basics Right

When it comes to the living room, seating is the most crucial. You want something comfy, and you need enough seats for guests. A good option is sectional sofas as they can be tucked into a corner against a wall or placed into the room’s middle to define space. Opt for fabrics that are easy to clean and don’t stain. If the room is too narrow and long at the same time, place sofas back-to-back to enable two seating areas.

  • Put Some Thought into The Color

The third consideration when selecting living room furniture is deciding what color will you choose for the pieces. If a piece is intended for the primary living space, we usually prefer to recommend homeowners a neutral fabric like a charcoal gray or an oatmeal for a few reasons. First, you won’t get bored of it as you may if you go with a pattern, and a color that is timeless is bound to fit in with several styles of décor. However, if the living room will be used as an occasional sitting room, you can go for a bolder fabric choice, as such pieces add more aesthetic than the staple furniture in the main living room space. An online furniture store will have a wide variety of choices, so you can choose which ones go well with your color scheme.

  • Don’t Forget Accent Pieces

By now, you probably have several ideas for choosing living room furniture. However, the furniture won’t add a wow-factor to the living space by itself. One way to instantly give your living room a breath of fresh air is to include some accent pieces. Accent pieces not only add more personality and beauty to your living room, they do well to break up the monotony. Try including a plant stand or vase in some corners of your living room or an elegant solid wood rocker. These are fun and quirky additions to any living rooms and come in a choice of woods, including hickory, oak and cherry.

You don’t have to purchase all the furniture at once to achieve your goals. Just keep these rules in mind as you buy each one, to ensure that you create a modern space that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

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