4 Places to Buy Prescription Drugs for Pets: Which One Should You Choose?

Pets have their own little ways of giving their parents little panic attacks with their antics. But at times such antics can end up leading to a vet visit.

Getting checked by a vet is barely ever the end of it. Depending on the problems, the vet may prescribe some medications for your pet. Administering the medication can be a headache, but finding the medication is a bigger headache at times.

Now that your vet has handed you a prescription where would you go to fill the prescription?

Vet’s Clinic

Sometimes you do not have to look any further than the vet clinic.

Just like any other doctor, vets get samples from medical representatives. Vets also keep some medication stocked with them to administer in the clinic. If you are unsure of where to go looking for the necessary medication, asking your vet might be the solution. Your vet might help you out and fill your prescription. The cost of the medication might be simply be added to your bill.

Always ask your vet if they have any of the medicine in stock if you cannot find them anywhere else.


There are many medications that you might easily find at your nearest pharmacies. Even if the exact medicine is not available, your pharmacist can help you find something with the same composition. Under such circumstances always call your vet and verify the dosage of the alternative medication.

If you are lucky then you might find a pet  pharmacy nearby. Asking your vet or even a quick online search can help you locate nearby pet pharmacies. These pharmacies usually are well stocked to cater to all your pet’s medical needs.

Many of these pharmacies can also run tests on your pets. So, it is a good idea to know of such an animal pharmacy nearby.

Pet Supplies Stores

Prescribed something like tick or flea medication or a “cone of shame” (pet cone)?

Then you need to drive down to your nearest pet supply store. There are some common medications that your pet supply store is bound to have in stock. You can call your regular pet supply store and ask them if they have the medicine in stock. Your vet might also be able to tell you if you can find it at a pet supply store or not.

Online Stores

Whether you cannot find a certain medicine or whether you want to take the smart road, head online.

There are many websites where you can buy discount pet items online. But knowing which website to trust can be challenging. Always look for Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. These are the only sites that are authorized by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to sell pet medication. The risk you run with a page without Vet-VIPPS is that of ending up with expired or even fake drugs that can harm your pet. So, do not put your pet at risk trying to buy discount pet items online from a shady website.

Once you are handed your pet prescription, head online for an easy and discounted purchase.

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