The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day Six

Today’s Prompt: A favorite memory.

How to choose a favorite memory! There is no way that I can, too many moments are favorites :) So what I ended up doing was visiting my Photobucket and choosing the first thing that I saw in my Family Pictures Album. Wow! It’s a little video from 2007. I remember when T made this video, he cut our day down to 2 minutes and added some music. the picture quality is horrid but I remember this day clearly. I can’t believe how little the kids look! It makes me long for summer that’s for sure!

Every Fourth of July we try to get together and do something as a family. Sometimes we have a picnic, sometimes it’s something else. 2007 was the second year in a row that we ended up piling into my step-dad’s van and drove the half hour or so over to Linesville to watch the awesome fireworks display they put on. We arrived a few hours early to get good seats and snacked out of the ice chest, visited, and just had a good time on a warm summer evening. They quit doing fireworks over there in 2008 because of the expense and we really really miss it. We’ve tried a few other places since then but none can compare.

This day was such a blast! You can see my Mom swinging Pie around and dancing with my son T and his big cousin. This movie just makes em giggle! I can’t remember if Lee had the van radio on or if they were just messing around, but how funny they are :)  No T was NOT trying to hit grandpa with that stick thing he threw, he did get a good tickling out of it though!

If you wonder why there’s an older gentleman in the middle of our family video, I’m sad to say that we were being very bad and laughing at the poor man. He was fighting with his lawn chair and every time he went to sit down it would fold up and he would jump back up right before it fell. He did this about 10 times before I grabbed the camera but when I turned it on to catch him he finally figured it out. We all cheered :0) he had no idea of course that we were watching.

And for the record, that’s root beer T and his cousin are drinking. They were enacting a commercial, very funny stuff. There are also a few bits in there of our celebration the next night in our old yard at the other house. I’ve got to say this video makes me a little sad. It’s the only thing I have from that day. For some reason I never uploaded any of the other pictures or the full videos to Photobucket and they were all lost in my computer crash :( I’m glad to have this little piece though because it reminds me of how much fun our family has together.

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    Wow. Kinda makes me want to smile & cry at the same time. I miss the Linesville fireworks. And children who weren’t all, you know, growing up :( Sigh.

    • 2

      I know! I couldn’t believe how young they were! I also hate that you and I are never in these things lol! our kids are going to grow old and see a pic of us and say Who was that!

  2. 3

    Family days are always fun to remember. Thanks for the great share!

  3. 4

    Looked like a great day!

  4. 5

    Looks like you guys had a great day that day!

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