Label Your Kids’ Camp Items and Prevent Loss

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Last year, children across the U.S. enjoyed friends, fun, and adventure at various summer camps. They learned so much each day at camp and made memories they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives. All was great, at least until the kids began losing their personal belongings. Lost t-shirts, ball caps, smartphones, backpacks, and other items cost parents hundreds of dollars to replace last year alone. It’s the same song for parents every year when their kids return home from camp. There is so much going on at camp that losing things, misplacing them, and other mishaps can and will occur. Is there a solution you ask? Labels from will come to the rescue to save your summer camp sanity this year!

Labels, You Say?

Yes, you read that sentence correctly and camp labels provide the success you need for the kid’s summer camps this year! Those tiny, sometimes colorful labels that your parents used to put on your backpacks, shoes, and inside t-shirts are still around and resolve the lost belongings issues at summer camp. They’re far more sleek and stylish than long ago. They offer flair that even young children like. Labels are so easy to use on almost any item; simply create your child’s name on the label and attach to the item. You can even add your phone number or other contact information. Labels for fabrics, sunblock, and insect repellent, etc., make your life so much smoother when the kids are going off to camp.

Designs for boys and girls of all ages easily affix to the items sent along to camp with your child. Camp labels are waterproof and fun for kids, easy-to-use, and stylish for little ones. While most camp parents use labels to prevent loss, they also provide an added layer of safety that protects your child. Parents oftentimes find it scary to spend time away from their children, with a variety of worries that cause them concern. Labels prevent many mishaps and give you peace of mind that your child is safe while away at camp.

Organize for Camp

It’s the perfect time to organize for camp, but make sure that camp labels are readily available to affix to the items that you’ll pack for your child. Organize now and skim back through the items before your child leaves to ensure that all items are properly labeled. A few additional organization tips for summer camp:

– Review the camp checklist. Camps send a checklist to each camper to help him or her plan and pack for the adventure. Read over this list to ensure your child has all the items on the list. Take a second look to ensure the items are also properly labeled!

– Let your child help pack for camp. When kids have a hand in packing for summer camp, they feel involved from the start. They’ll also better organize their packs so they can locate items as needed. There’s less risk they’ll lose items when they help pack.

– Dress code: Is there a camp dress code? Most camps do place a dress code into effect during summer camp. Learn the dress code and ensure that you send clothing to camp with your child that adheres to this code.

– Send Extras: Expect something to get lost at camp, even when it’s labeled. Kids can rush and misplace or lose things, especially during the excitement of camp. Send along a couple of extra drawstring bags and bottles of lotion just to be safe.

Prepare for Camp Now

Summer camp is a time for kids to enjoy themselves to the fullest while they learn, have fun, and interact with other kids of the same age. It’s a tradition that many families anticipate when school is out for the summer. If you’re among those families, make sure that you’re prepared for the break and that your kids are prepared for the fun! Make sure labels are a part of summer camp this year and your bank account won’t suffer when the kids return home.

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