Wordless Wednesday – and silliness abounds #ww

My children are……. interesting, to say the least!

silly Lorax eyebrows

Please tell me that mine are not the only ones who act like this?


sir salad head

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Henrietta Newman is a tech loving, video game playing, pr friendly single mom / gramma blogger who talks about life with a teen daughter, an adult son, a toddler granddaughter and all that it entails. Subscribe to A Hen's Nest for giveaways, delicious family recipes, reviews and more!


  1. I can def see my kids in these pics several years from now! (They’re 2 and 6!)

  2. No, mine are wierd too! lol

  3. Trust me your kids are not the only ones. LOL. Great pictures.

    Happy WW!

  4. I promise you that mine are equally bizarre!

  5. Nope…you are def. not the only one. :) Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  6. Nope, my kiddos are strange, too! :)

    I LOVE the bowl hat!

  7. sabreena is very similar. she’s what we call quirky :)

  8. Carolyn G says:

    I love your kids too! They are always so fun and unique!

  9. It’s good to have kids that are “interesting” they make the world way more fun

  10. Mine do…but they’re 3 and 5 :) I truly hope they still have that silliness when they’re your kids ages!!

  11. You are not alone! I can certainly see mine acting like this in a few years!

  12. They are totally my kind of people!!

  13. LOL at least you’ll have many many memories of them growing up:)

  14. Well, they definitely give you good material for the family photo books :) I think the best part of having kids is that they are NOT like others and totally unique. Plus, they give you a good laugh and make you want to hug them :P

  15. Ahahaha! Too funny. I can’t tell whether your son is making his own knight armor, or trying to keep aliens from reading his thoughts with a tin foil hat. LOL!!

  16. ha ha! no. My kids are a tad ‘peculiar’ too! :)

  17. Nicole Flowers says:

    WOW your son looks like my husband’s brother when he was a kid. I mean A LOT. Are we related?

  18. LOL goofballs. I’m liking that metal hat. ;)

  19. Oh, no you aren’t alone. Mine can be just plain weird at times.

  20. At least they always make you laugh!

  21. NOPE not the only ones lol, found you on momspotted linky

  22. I got some goofy kids too!

  23. I just love your family, you all seem like so much fun!

  24. Nice pictures! It’s good to have lots of laughter in life.

  25. LMAO I don’t think boys ever really grow up!

  26. Lol, too funny!

  27. Your kids are so cute. LOL!!!

  28. I love that they are goofy – that’s part of what makes childhood fun.

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