#Project365 (366) – week number four

We had quite the week. I had to remind myself several times to take pictures and somehow Thursday blew right by without my brain remembering to take a single one. No pictures on either one of my cameras, none on Pie’s, none on Mr.T’s none any any of the phones… sigh. I have officially failed and the first month of the year isn’t even over. This little set back is not going to stop me though, I’m going to keep on with the project!

project365 week 4

project365 week 4

22. My beautiful daughter   23. A beautiful double rainbow on the way to flute practice!  24. my daughter’s reading pile  25. frosted flakes, they’re grrrreat!  26. I forgot :(  27. talent show rehearsal, everyday I’m shufflin’  28. My boy and his girl


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