#Project365 – week number six

36. House we looked at – not happening  37. Feeding the chickens on a beautiful February day  38. Harlem Globetrotters show at Tullio Arena – fun!  39. Backyard fresh green and brown eggs  40. Annual Shamrock Shakes – so good!  41. my Friday Thrift store find  42. Mr.T. and his girlfriend – on our way […]

#Project365 (366) – week number five

29. Pop up blizzard! Wicked  30. Ginger always gets the crumbly bits leftover :)  31. Warm potato chowder on a cool day, Mmmm.  32. Pie ready for school, love her Alice shirt!  33. crochet Granny Squares for our donation bin.  34. My awesome/crazy/fun/amazing Jazzercise instructor!  35. Pie playing basketball, Woot!  

#Project365 (366) – week number four

We had quite the week. I had to remind myself several times to take pictures and somehow Thursday blew right by without my brain remembering to take a single one. No pictures on either one of my cameras, none on Pie’s, none on Mr.T’s none any any of the phones… sigh. I have officially failed […]

#Project365 (366) – week number three

How was your week? Busy yet uneventful here. I’m still having fun with my project365 (366) and have decided that since I am no photographer, I will just wing it when it comes to making sure I get that needed daily image. Also, I have decided to change how I number the photos and instead […]

#Project365 (366) – week number two

Project 365 (or 366, I’m still trying to decide what I’m supposed to be calling it!) is going well so far! I can’t believe I am actually remembering to take photos! In fact I keep taking more than one and then have a hard time choosing which to use. My phone’s camera and the Instagram […]

#Project365 – week number one

I have been wanting to do project365 for quite some time now. Well, this is the year! Every Single Day of this year I am vowing to take a photo of something in my life. I will say right now that there is no way that every photo is going to be great. In fact, […]