The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Days Eleven & Twelve

Prompt for day 11: A photo that makes you laugh.
Prompt for day 12: Something you do every day.

I am going to be random with this photo prompt thing from now on because frankly, I think that I’ve been over thinking it. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been keeping up with it. I know this is because I want to think of “the perfect” way to answer the questions, or “the perfect” picture to go with the prompt. Well, that’s just dumb.  It obviously isn’t working for me.

SO, I’m going to just do them without thinking from now on. The first thing that pops into my head, or the first picture I see that fits the prompt is what will be up! Here goes :)

A photo that makes you laugh. How about two photos?

Duckie the Duck

Every time I see this photo of Duckie, I giggle. In fact, every time I even SEE Duckie, I giggle. Duckie is an Indian Runner Duck that my son’s friend’s mom gave to us last summer after they raised him from a duckling. He is very comical. When he runs, he looks like a little person with his wings all tucked down to his sides. He is so darn cute!


This photo makes me laugh because my daughter and my niece were being silly and giggly last time they were able to visit. Well, they are ALWAYS silly and full of it when they get a chance to get together a few times a year. They were showing off their fashion sense and their cute socks.

Something I do everyday….

Hmmm. My life is quite boring right now and honestly the only thing I can think of that I do EVERY day is play on the computer. My computer “play” time is spent blogging, lurking on and participating in a few forums I like, a little blog hopping, catching up with family and friends on Facebook, Tweeting a bit, sometimes I sneak in an hour or so of Wizard101 or Lord of The Rings Online.

What I’d LIKE to be doing everyday, or what I SHOULD be doing everyday, is getting my butt in gear and attending Jazzercise class like I know I need to be doing. I can’t seem to drag myself there in the morning. When I do get there, I LOVE it and wonder why it’s so hard to get there. Really, it makes no sense. Jazzercise makes me feel energetic and great, so why can’t I get back into the groove of it?

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