The Best Way to Spend Money on a Baby

  There’s no getting around it: babies are expensive. However, this commonly understood principle of becoming a parent is a bit vague. What kind of figures are we talking about here? What’s “expensive” in the context of bringing up baby? This ambiguity gives rise to a common habit exhibited by many first-time parents, wherein more is […]

Five Ways to Positively Influence How Your Kids Use Technology

In the last 30 years our world has become increasingly electronic. Kids seem to be innately attracted to devices and new technology. Don’t believe me? Try using your smart phone in front of a kid. Electronics make life easier and more entertaining, but they can also increase your electricity bill, put your entire family at […]

Wordless Wednesday – This Daughter of Mine #ww

Every once in a while I look at my daughter, and I see her for who she is becoming — a beautiful young lady. So often I just completely forget about the fact that she is growing up. I still see her as small — a tiny little girl who giggles and teases and needs […]

NBC’s Parenthood – my favorite show, it makes me cry every single time!

I’m a day behind but I just finished watching my DVR’d copy of the season 3 finale of my favorite TV series, Parenthood. Oh my goodness! I don’t think any show on TV has ever made me cry so much! Every episode is a tear jerk-er. All of the actors fit so perfectly into their roles. Each […]

Life’s really rolling along now

It’s funny how quickly time goes by when your children are growing up. I mean you don’t realize how fast they go from Point A (babyhood) to Point B (high school graduation) until it’s staring you right in the face. Mr.T. is in his second year of Vo-Tech school. His Third year of High School. […]