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sky sun raysIt’s funny how quickly time goes by when your children are growing up. I mean you don’t realize how fast they go from Point A (babyhood) to Point B (high school graduation) until it’s staring you right in the face. Mr.T. is in his second year of Vo-Tech school. His Third year of High School. His next to last year of High School. There is only one more year of childhood life with this boy who is my son. One more until he has become his own man. Time flies! I often stop and wonder what he’s going to do with his life. Yes, he’s taking art & design for business classes at school but will this be the ultimate career path that he chooses? I don’t know. His friends are talking about what fields they’ll be entering into as well. One says he wants to be a pharmicist. With all of the technology involved in the pharmacy and pharmacy automation field, he’ll have years of schooling ahead of him to prepare for his career path. What will my son choose?

I do know that whatever he chooses, I hope it makes him happy. I want the best for him, as all parents do, and hope he’ll find a vocation that he is excited to be in. The choices are endless, it’s the finding of an open position that is the struggle these days. While some of his friends are sure to end up in factories operating material handling systems, fork lifts and delivery trucks, I want better for my son. I want him to BE better than us. There is nothing wrong with manual labor and working in a sweaty shop every day, heck his father is a construction worker and you can’t get any more manual labor than that!

But… somehow I would wish that my son could climb the ladder a little bit higher, reach for the stars and his dreams instead of settling for things that are average… or everyday. That’s just how mothers are I guess ;).

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    It’s so much fun to watch them develop and choose a career path. I wonder where your son will really end up!

  2. 2

    I agree that we always want our children to be the best they can be. Regardless of what path he chooses, I hope he is happy each and every day :)

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    Hi Henrietta,
    I guess that is every mother’s wish to their children. To reach their highest potential in life. Having a grown up children is a bittersweet.. bitter that soon he/she will have their own life(leave us or be away from us) and sweet because you know you’ve done a job well done on them.:)

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