Monday Morning Melody – Patrick Swayze

I watched Dirty Dancing last night. Definitely in my top ten favorite movies of all time. It makes me cry every time. The actual Time of My Life video that I would love to share with you has embedding disabled so I can’t post it, if you have time it’s totally worth the 5 minutes […]

Monday Morning Melody – Stuck Like Glue

Monday again Woot! :) We had fun Easter and Spring break weekend and hope you did too. Here’s a little Monday music to get ya back into the week! Love Sugarland and Stuck Like Glue!      

Monday Morning Melody – Lenka

Monday Monday all I have to say to you is BLAH! We had both a good and bad weekend and I’m still trying to deal with it. Nothing major… just life. Mr.Puff died on Saturday and I am quite sad about it. Sadder then I let on because, yes he was a chicken, but he […]

Monday Morning Melody – Sunshine

Monday again already?! :) We had a wonderful weekend and hated to see it go. Let’s help Monday out with a little bit of sunshine! Pie and I both love Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocketful Of Sunshine. Happy Monday!

Monday Morning Melody – Skillet

We’re Chasing away those Monday Morning NIGHT blues with a little bit of music! Super G. drug me off to town today so I didn’t get a chance to put it up this morning. This song was suggested by my son Mr.T. I like it and hope you do too.

Monday Morning Melody – Collide

Time for some tunes to chase away those Monday Blues. I first heard “Collide” over the weekend and it’s an instant favorite. Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock are just amazing when they sing together. LOVE it! happy Monday (: