​Coordinating and Planning A Sweet Candy Buffet Inline With Your Event Decor​​​

By now you have experienced a candy buffet. Candy buffets are very popular and have made their way to parties, celebrations, weddings, and events everywhere. They are impressive, beautiful, fun, and easy to make. If that last part made you gasp, let me repeat it. They are easy to do. You do not need any special equipment, a degree in design, or even a lot of ideas to make a one-of-a-kind candy buffet for your event. Designing your candy buffet is made easier by coordinating and planning it with your actual event.

The event

When you have an event to plan for, begin with the basics of the event before you begin to collect the items you need for the candy buffet.

Choose your theme

Maybe you are planning a graduation party, the theme is pretty easy. Caps & gowns, diplomas, school colors, sports teams, and alumni are all easy themes for your party. If you are planning a wedding, the colors of the wedding, the style (formal, casual, country, or elegant), the location and the venue will all play into the decor. A child’s birthday party may be a Superhero or princes’s theme. Basically, choose the theme to the event and then you have your theme to the candy buffet.

Hint: The candy buffet is a major visual asset. You will use the theme to compliment the buffet. You want to use color, table coverings, backdrops, and small props to enhance the event and tie the buffet to the overall event.


When selecting your candy, there are a few things to remember. You want candy that is large enough to satisfy your guests with a few pieces. Candy that is too small will take a lot more ounces to fill your jars. Candy should be scoopable, or easily retrieved with tons. You will order your candy from an online candy store in bulk sizes. Most candy comes in 5-pound boxes. Plan on 8 ounces of candy per guests and if you have a firm idea of how many guests will attend, you can incorporate some specialty candy that is served individually (one per guests).

Candy colors

Your online candy store will have candy in a range of colors. Choose three colors and stay with those three colors. You may use different hues of the same color but do not try to put every color on your buffet. Stay within the colors of the decorations for the event. If the event is a rainbow of colors, narrow it down to primary colors or pastels.   

Staging the candy

You will need a table 6 or 8 feet long. The back section of the table is for taller jars and taller candy. Candy sticks, candy straws, suckers, rock candy on paper cones, and even candy mixtures that you create go here. The containers are to be tall enough to stand out but not too tall to get the candy out.

The center of the table is for your theme centerpiece. This is the one big item that draws the event to your table. It can be a prop, candle arrangement, flowers, school-supply “cake”, beach scene, or princess. On either side, you will place two or three mid-size containers for your candy. This is a good place to put mints, gumballs, skittles, M&Ms, foils covered candy, and gummies. Between the jars in this section is for small items to continue the theme connection. The front section is for small jars, and gift bags for the guests to fill and take home.

Hint: use clear containers of different shapes for a more interesting look. Your eye should see the shape of a triangle in your mind when you are standing in front of the table. The table forming the base, each side raising with the jars to a point. Use a backdrop with cut-outs, ribbons, photos, or lights to complete the visual.

It is really easy to pull this together and create a masterpiece, all you need is a little imagination.

Sweet Services perfect DIY candy buffet infographic – An infographic by the team at Sweet Services online candy store

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