Be a Fun Host at Your Next Get-Together

When it comes to Thanksgiving and the football season, you want to be able to relax and unwind as the holiday season is approaching. You want your guests to be comfortable as well. When hosting a party for your guests, you will always want to offer plenty of variety so that you will be able to appease everyone.

Since you typically have a heavier dinner, it is a good idea to keep plenty of appetizers and snack options available. You could have a crockpot on with Little Smokies in a tangy barbeque sauce, a veggie and fruit tray, and plenty of potato chips. Don’t forget the ranch dip. You could also have a punch bowl with a refreshing punch that has frozen sorbet in it to keep it cold. The idea is to have plenty of “easy” foods out so that everyone can basically help themselves and so that you, as the host, will not have to tend to your guests continually. This way you will be able to relax a little and enjoy the party as well. Most of the items that you will be setting out can also be prepared the night before, so all you have to do is pull everything out and set it on a self-serve table before the party starts.

For a more filling food, you could have a big crock pot full of chili, or you could have a hot dog bar set up with condiments so that your guests can dress up their hot dogs the way that they like. You could even have guests bring their own chili and have a chili tasting competition. If you are going to have younger guests at the party, you could have a table set up for them with activities to do such as coloring books and crayons set out. You could even have a few board games for them, or a bingo game. You could even put on a movie for them to watch during the game.

Make sure to play some of the classics games, but with a festive twist, or even with a football twist. For example, you could play charades, but everything has to do with either football or Thanksgiving. You could also play a trivia game but with questions about those same topics as well. You also want to make sure that your guests will be comfortable and that there will be enough chairs for everyone. If you will be hosting a football party, chances are that everyone will gather in your living room or where your TV is situated. If you do not have enough seating for everyone you will want to bring out some big pillows, chairs for other rooms, and have blankets set out so that everyone can get comfortable. Think of what you like when you watch the game or what you would like to have to be comfortable. Since you will be doing a lot of relaxing, you will want to have a comfortable chair, such as recliner lift chairs to sink into. They are perfect for after the big Thanksgiving meal because you can even grab a quick nap in it.

As a host, you should make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy, so be sure to ask from time to time if there is anything that anyone needs. People do not always ask when they want something, but will often respond when asked. Don’t forget to stock your bathroom with plenty of hand towels, toiletries, and nice soap.

As a host, you will want to be relaxed and that takes some planning. Plan everything out. Write out your menu in advance so that you have time to get everything that you need from the store. If you want to try out a new recipe, you may want to try them out beforehand to make sure that it is a good one. Or you could stick to your old faithful recipes. Be sure to ask if anyone has any allergies or special diet so that you can offer something for them to eat as well. There is nothing worse than going to a get-together and not being able to eat any of the delicious food offered there.


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