​Coordinating and Planning A Sweet Candy Buffet Inline With Your Event Decor​​​

By now you have experienced a candy buffet. Candy buffets are very popular and have made their way to parties, celebrations, weddings, and events everywhere. They are impressive, beautiful, fun, and easy to make. If that last part made you gasp, let me repeat it. They are easy to do. You do not need any […]

The 1st Anniversary: The Paper Gift

A Greek myth related to followers of Plato tells us the first human beings were creatures with eight limbs and four eyes. It had two mouths and two noses, and the mighty God Zeus abhorred the sight of them. Like his father before him, Zeus believed these beasts held power beyond their understanding, and that […]

Tutorial: How to set up an HTML Redirect in Burst Media

When I first started using Burst Media to place ads on my blog, I had no idea that I was able to set up default ads to run for the times when my fill rate was less than ideal. If you choose not to set up default ads, then you run the risk of having […]