Wordless Wednesday – Hubby’s Haircut #ww

I can’t believe that I forgot to share this with you all! Last month, hubby came home with a HAIRCUT! You may think, so what’s the big deal? Well, Chris has had hair halfway down his back for as long as I’ve known him. I don’t think he’s had short hair since he was in high school over 20 years ago. I’ve certainly never ever ever seen him with short hair before. Obviously, the kids had not either. I think he looks great and I love the salt & pepper look he has going on now!

He keeps complaining about how cold his neck is, lol!

hubby's haircut

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  1. 1

    It looks great!! The hair does keep your neck warm though!!

  2. 2

    My hubby shaves his head so we dont worry about bad haircuts – good thing too because I tend to make people bald when I try. You should have seen my barbie dolls!

  3. 4

    LOL at the salt and pepper look he has going on. The new saying.. HAHA!

  4. 5
    Carolyn G says

    OMG your hubby’s hair looks like mine hubby’s hair, Even the color! LOL

  5. 7

    It looks GREAT!!! How’d the grandbaby react?!

    • 8

      She didn’t notice but I forgot to put that the dog was shocked as well! She was growling at him for a good 10 minutes before realizing it was Daddy! lol!

  6. 9

    Looks good! Cleancut!

  7. 10

    Wow! I can only imagine how shocked you we’re!

  8. 12

    Wow, that would be quite a change!

  9. 13

    My hubby is still in the military and keeps his hair super, SUPER short. I buzz his head every 10 days or so.

  10. 14

    He looks great. Nice hair cut

  11. 15

    That’s awesome. Of course now I want to see a before picture.

  12. 16

    It looks great! You should have posted a before and after. I love short hair on men :) My mom always said it was because my grandpa was bald.

  13. 17

    That haircut got one to quit eating chocolate, and the other to disregard the phone??? Must have been really big time. ;)

    I think your husband looks terrific!

  14. 18

    I think it looks great – makes him look younger and cooler :P What a surprise it must have been for your kids. Do you miss the hair?

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