Goals: My 2013-2014 Workout Record #gettingfit #fitness

workout record 2013I am kicking my butt into gear and holding myself accountable by keeping track with this workout record. I’ll be keeping notes below each workout table and just using this post throughout the year as a tool to hopefully keep myself motivated. And, to remind myself that I can do it! While I am starting small, I hope to see an improvement in endurance and length of workout as the weeks progress. I will drink more water, snack less often, eat more fruits and veggies and less bread and pasta. This is the year I bring me back!

  • Goal Weight: 145
  • Starting Weight: 167

I have figured out how to embed a spreadsheet which makes it so much easier to update my workout log!


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    That’s awesome and definitely keep up the good work. I lost a substantial amount of weight and I’ve been able to keep it off (thank god), so I know what you’re going through.

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    I really like how you’ve charted your progress. I’m doing a cleanse right now (it’s a wimpy one that’s only 3 days and it’s day one so far) but I need to get my hiney in gear as well :P

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    Hi Henrietta

    You are very brave, throwing all this out in the public domain. But it is very motivating to know that I am not he only girl, trying to become a smaller version of myself, together with being more fit. I walk every day on my treadmill, but have not as yet, kept a written record of what I do. I might start to write it down though, like you, for then I will know what it was that knocked the pounds off.
    Thanks for your courageous sharing.



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