Functional Storage Ideas for Your Kid’s Playroom

One of the messiest rooms in your home is likely the kid’s playroom. From the crayons to the coloring books and all of the toys on the floor. You are probably ready to rip your hair out at the mess, but before you do, check out these functional storage ideas for your kid’s playroom.

1. Pegboard

A pegboard is the perfect way to make sure your children clean up after themselves once they are done in the playroom. You can hang the pegboard on the wall and then have your children hang up any hats, gloves, or other toys that they play with. This way, the floor stays clean and they can find the toys they need, when they want to play with them.

2. Color Coded System

Another great way to organize your child’s playroom and store their toys off the floor is to create a color-coded system and use totes or bins to accomplish it. You can label each of the totes with a different color and your child can place toys coordinating with that color into the bin.

Your child will be able to find any toy he or she needs quickly and will be able to pick up and sort through his or her toys at the end of the day.

3. Nesting Tables

Your children are going to want to color, have a snack, or play at a table in their playroom, so to save space, you may want to consider nesting tables. Nesting tables can come in any number, but usually either two or three. The tables quickly stack underneath one another to save as much space as possible.

4. Stuffed Animal Pen

You have probably seen those pens at the store where they keep all of the inflated balls. You walk up, choose the ball you want, and simply pull it out between the cords. This is a space saver and great storage idea if your child has a lot of stuffed animals. You can create one relatively easily and then place all of your child’s stuffed pets inside. When they want to play with one, simply pull it out and then toss it back in when done.

5. Over the Door Organizer

An over the door organizer is the perfect storage solution for your child’s playroom. You can store just about anything in the organizer from small stuffed animals to art and craft supplies. You will find that this organizer comes in handy and will keep items off the floor and in a safe place without much effort.

6. Don’t Keep Every Item in the Playroom

Playrooms often become cluttered because kids like to keep ALL of their toys even the ones that are broken or never played with. The best way to handle the clutter is to sit down and go through the toys to eliminate any that your child does not need. If you find that you have too many toys to realistically store in the playroom, you may want to consider donating the toys or if you want to keep them and don’t have storage room in your home, you can rent a storage unit for the remainder of them by visiting the website.

The above storage ideas are perfect for any playroom and will allow your child to keep his or her toys organized and the floor picked up.

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