Three Tips for Drinking Enough Water! #BottlesforKids

Water. How many glasses a day do you drink? How about your kids? Most likely, it isn’t enough! We all struggle with the seemingly simple task of drinking enough water. Growing up, I drank quite a bit of water and I try to encourage my kids to do the same. My parents didn’t keep soda or juice in the house unless it was a special occasion. So instead I drank lots and lots of water and unsweetened home brewed iced tea. Nowadays, the choices of sugar filled beverages has skyrocketed — it can be a chore trying to steer kids away from these tempting and unhealthy drinks! We need to find ways to make water more appealing to our families so that we can get rid of these scary statistics!

On average, school aged children consume 6 sodas per week. source

For each additional soda a child drinks, his or her risk of obesity goes up 60%. source

Only 15% of school aged children are getting their daily recommended amount of water! source

Let’s work to bring that last number up, starting with our own kids! I have three very easy, very simple tips that I use everyday to help my family drink more water. Some days we rock it and drink a good amount of water. Other days, we struggle with getting our daily amount, especially when we are so busy running back and forth to ball practice and school pick ups and everything else. Our water drinking habit is definitely a work in progress!

Water Drinking Tips

water drinking tips

Tip 1: First of all, let’s make water fun! We always keep a variety of fresh fruit in the fridge. Why not keep a few containers of cut up fruit available to use as water flavoring? Fresh watermelon, peaches, berries, oranges and even apples are delicious in a glass of cold water. Add a few slices or pieces of fruit to chase away the boredom of drinking plain water.

Tip 2: Serve water with meals. Always have a glass of water sitting by your plate at meal time. You will be surprised by how easy it is to drink your water while you’re eating and chatting away with the family. Before you know, you’ve got one glass down! 

Tip 3: Make water accessible everywhere you go. At home, keep a jug or pitcher of water on an easy to reach shelf. Make it the first thing you see when you open that refrigerator door. Fill up reusable water bottles and keep them in the fridge so that they are easy to grab and go. Take one with you everywhere; in the car, on a walk, to your workplace. 

Check out this video of my daughter and I chatting about water on the way to practice the other day. She also shares a few fun water facts and I share my water drinking tips (in total dork fashion so don’t mind me).

In the beginning, it may feel like work trying to remember to drink your water and take your water with you. Before you know it though, drinking water throughout the day will become a habit. One of the best habits you will ever have and the example you are setting for your children is priceless!

Brita Bottles for Kids

In an effort to help families swap out sugary beverages for healthy water, Brita is introducing a new reusable water bottle just for kids. the Brita Bottle for Kids has a built in water filter that provides kids with great tasting water, wherever they go.  These bottles became available in stores nationwide last August and retail for around $8.99 per one bottle & filter pack. Replacement filters are also available at $7.99 per 2 pack.

brita bottles for kids

The Brita Bottles for Kids features:

  • Three fun, kid friendly colors and styles (Pink Butterfly, Navy Blue Sports, Green Squares)
  • 13oz bottles are BPA free and recyclable
  • replaceable filters last through 40 gallons (or every 2 months)
  • top shelf dishwasher safe

I want to know your water drinking tips!

The tips above show just a few ways I’ve helped my kids discover the wonders of water. Brita’s new product, the Brita Bottle for Kids, now provides an easy and fun way to have clean, filtered H2O on the go.

Now I’m curious, how do you encourage your kids to drink more water? Reply below and one of my readers will win a $50 Visa gift card!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Brita. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules.

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