Mossop Natural Remedies Flower Formulas for a happier you!

When Diana Mossop’s son had a bad reaction to vaccines as a child, she did the only thing she could do and took matters into her own hands. She helped her son recover his health with natural remedies. With her lifetime’s interest in the natural healing power of plants and plant essences, Diana has worked over the […]

Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes One Direction toothbrush for kids #ToothTunes1D

If you have a teen or tween daughter living in your house, then you more than likely know all about the popular boy band, One Direction. I think my daughter is slightly obsessed with them. Which is why when a package arrived with a toothbrush that sings a One Direction song, she grabbed it and […]

Eat your veggies with Birds Eye Steamfresh Kid-friendly meals!

Even though my kids aren’t little any longer, they still enjoy getting in the kitchen with mom to help create meals they will approve of. Of course, there a few tricks that I use to encourage them to use veggies in the dishes we create. One is to incorporate their favorite foods into the meals […]

Three Tips for Drinking Enough Water! #BottlesforKids

Water. How many glasses a day do you drink? How about your kids? Most likely, it isn’t enough! We all struggle with the seemingly simple task of drinking enough water. Growing up, I drank quite a bit of water and I try to encourage my kids to do the same. My parents didn’t keep soda […]

Pack some Wet Ones for a germ-free return to school!

Along with the flurry of activity that comes with going back to school, we are also preparing for a new schedule for my daughter whose entering middle school. This year she will be expected to change her shoes and clothes for gym class! Ah, the joys of middle school! Since she has gym class near […]

July is National Park and Recreation Month! Let’s Get Wild!

America has celebrated July as the official Park and Recreation Month since 1985. This year’s fun theme is “Get Wild!” While we live on the outskirts of a small town, we still have many great memories of our local parks. The beautiful recreational park in our area has been more than just a playground to […]

HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games 2011

Exercise is something that I am usually only focused on as part of my routine. Too often I forget that my kids may not be getting all of the physical activity that they should. With video games, television and school taking up most of their free time, it’s so important for us to try and […]

Enfant Pediatric VEP Testing System Information

I was asked to share this information with my readers. Since my daughter and I both wear glasses I know that it is an important issue many parents have to deal with. I wanted to get this information out there because this new test seems very interesting. Early detection is extremely important, this just may […]