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Take the Scott Naturals Test Drive

Earth Month is quickly coming to an end, how did you do in the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week test Drive? Good I hope! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts over the past month, we’ve been using a variety of earth-friendly SCOTT Naturals products in our home and loving them! Just as a reminder, You do still have plenty of time to head over   to and pledge to make the switch to SCOTT Naturals!

It feels really wonderful being a part of this small change for good! I like knowing that my small steps can help save 2 million trees!

I’m also really excited to see that our state is still one of the top five for pledge amounts! Get your pledges in before April 30th to help your state be in the running to receive a $50,000 donation to be applied towards local forest and land conservation efforts!

SCOTT Naturals products

We’ve always known that SCOTT brand was a great quality but never realized how much we would like using the SCOTT Naturals products, I am happy to have made the switch because we like them better than the originals!

The SCOTT Naturals paper towels and napkins are of  a great thickness, the paper towels especially are a new favorite. I love that I can rinse one out while wiping off the counters. And the toilet paper? Let me just say that thicker is better for this type of product and SCOTT Naturals Toilet Paper doesn’t skimp ;).

I have one last green living tip for you before Earth Month ends. It’s a simple one: Check the labels — try to buy recycled products and local goods.

use locally produced and grown products

That’s it! One simple step that if more people would follow, would lead to a big change! I try to check my labels on the products that I buy to see what they’re made of and where they come from.

No, I can’t always buy local, or even from our country but I do TRY. I also take advantage of seasonal crops and buy local fruits and veggies from farm stands, local farmers and friends. We also buy quite a bit of our meats from a butcher who carries local beef and organic chicken. A plus to buying local is that not only are we creating less pollution from shipping vehicles — the local items we’re buying, are almost always going to be fresher!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my past Earth Month articles on greener gardening and why I think yard sales are earth friendly! Now go on over to and get your pledges in to help your state!

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This is a partnered post written as part of the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive blogger campaign. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!
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  1. 1

    I like easy ways to be green. It makes me feel like I’m doing my part.

  2. 2

    I will have to look for these products when I am shopping.

  3. 3

    I have been using Scott Naturals for some time and like the quality of their products.

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    I like Scott naturals. We have used them for a while now. Thanks for the green tips. We try also to use them. Definitely reusable grocery bags help!!

  5. 5

    I didn’t know this about Scott… LOVE IT. We try to find ways to be more environmentally responsible and this is. Good option!

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