4 Reasons Pet Lovers Adore Ecommerce Sites

Pet supplies is a great industry for ecommerce businesses. There are plenty of product niches and ways to brand yourself to differentiate from the competition. Plus, pet lovers are a passionate group of people who love to spoil their pets with great food, toys, treats, and more.

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Here are a few reasons pet lovers adore ecommerce websites. By catering to your customers’ needs and reasoning, you can set your business up for success.

Personal Experience

Yes, there are a ton of big-name pet supply stores both online and off. However, a lot of pet owners don’t like the experience of a huge store with no personality or customer service. Other pet owners simply prefer to shop online or support small businesses.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur in the pet supply industry, you would be wise not to position yourself to compete with large retailers. Instead, offer a more personal experience from a more personable brand. People like to buy things from people they like, not faceless entities. Plus, you can still offer a massive selection with an ecommerce store by using an enterprise ecommerce platform to manage large inventories.

Fur Babies

All good pet owners love their pets, but some pet owners take it to the next level. They treat their pets in the same ways that others treat their children. They purchase only the best quality items for their beloved “fur babies.” There are some pets in the world that eat better quality food than some humans!

Ecommerce stores can specifically cater to pet owners who are highly dedicated to their pets. You can specialize in organic pet food and nutrition, or only offer bedding made from luxury materials. Content marketing is a great way to engage with this type of niche audience. Use blog and social media posts to convey your unique selling point in your own brand voice.

Unique Pets & Needs

Most pet supply stores offer products for the most common pets. You can find a huge selection of toys, food, bedding, and more for cats and dogs at a standard pet store. You can also find items for fish, gerbils, and select reptiles. But what about more unique pets that are less common?

When unique pet owners can’t find what they’re looking for, they tend to search online. Pet stores may not offer a huge selection of options for owners of more exotic pets, but online stores can pick up the slack and reap the benefits. You could even create a whole ecommerce store that specifically caters to the needs of uncommon pets, or choose specific types of pets on which to base your product offerings.

Loyal, Repeat Buyers

When pet owners find something their pet likes, they tend to stick with it. Some pets are really picky eaters, others will love a toy so much that they tear it up on a weekly basis. When pet owners find something their pet likes, they will probably end up buying it again and again.

On the contrary, some pet owners enjoy trying new things with their pet. BarkBox is a subscription service that sends pet owners a box full of goodies every month. Recipients enjoy the variety of the products they receive and the opportunity to try new toys and treats with their pets.

Ecommerce is uniquely equipped to handle the needs of pet owners. Ultimately, the nature of certain pet products lends itself to repeat purchases. This is great news for ecommerce businesses as you can develop a relationship with your customers via email marketing or social media to encourage multiple purchases. By adding a personal experience and offering a unique selection of products, you can make pets (and their owners) very happy.

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    E- Com websites are so comfortable to shop. I love buying toys for my doggy.

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    Many pet cremation services are offered by the same companies that serve grieving families during visitations or burials.

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