21st Century spoofs recent Geico Taste Test Commercials

Some recent car insurance commercials have been trying to get people to choose the “better” insurance company by taking a “Taste Test” with juice. Um, Can you even compare car insurance by taste? Plus, it’s juice! How does juice relate to car insurance? It doesn’t! I think it’s a bit ridiculous myself. If I were to choose car insurance by taste, I’m almost certain that most insurances would end up tasting very similar. If I did happen to take a taste test to decide, then I’m pretty sure the 21st Century Car Insurance Taste Test Commercial Spoof of the recent Geico ads would be more like what would actually happen!

The spoofed commercials argue that their insurance… Oops, I mean juice, is better because it’s been around longer.

In reality, most car insurance companies we’ve tried over the years have offered the same basic service. So, of course we would choose the one that’s cheaper, Duh! Sometimes commercials make no sense, who comes up with this stuff?!


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  1. Haha! I know! Sometimes we see a commercial and just look at each other blankly then say, “Huh?” Oh well, at least did accomplish one thing – get you to keep thinking about it after the tv spot is over. The worst thing is when you have NO idea what the company or product was that was being advertised!

  2. This ad really points out how much advertising can affect our rationality when making purchases. Really to the point. I love it. Then again, I can’t help not liking the Gecko..even if lizards have nothing to do with insurance haha

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