Backyard chicken coop and pen photos #WordlessWednesday

Well, it was almost wordless ;)

Last week Super Genius and I spent a day readying our little flock for winter. We used the tractor to pull the old coop out of the mud pit it was sinking into. The poor chickens had been up to their knees in muck after the month of rain. YUCK! The coop should last until next spring, then we’ll have to seriously start thinking about building a new one. Since the babies {not so little anymore! check out the third and fifth photos!} have never learned to properly put themselves away with the other hens in the evening — and Super G. was getting increasingly frustrated with having to go out after dark to chase them from the porch rafters so they would stop pooping on the grill — we decided it was time to build them all a proper pen.

chicken pen and old coop


chickens in coop


pencil laced wyandotte hens


backyard chickens


chicken flock


penned chickens


All of the girls have been running the yard all summer and ignoring the three foot tall fence. I think we succeeded in building a pen that the little suckers sweet feathered babies will not be able to get out of. Since they are now trapped, trapped like rats in the eight foot tall enclosure mwuahahahahahahaha safely confined to their own special area of the yard, it’s much easier to keep track of them and let them get used to being in a smaller space come winter. Of course, they’ll be allowed to roam again before snow flies. I just need to keep them locked in for a week or so until “the babies” learn that the coop is their home, not the rafters, especially since we lost one little barred rock baby last month to the unknown wilds :(.

We still have to add wire over the top which will be easy to do once we add a center support and another board over the coop area. I wanted to leave the pen open until I noticed a red tailed hawk perched on the board farthest from the coop the morning before last. I’m thinking a cover over the pen would be a better idea than staring out the kitchen window in wait with a broom. Maybe.

Anywho, that’s our cobbled-together-from-bits-and-scraps chicken coop and pen. It works, and that’s almost better than being pretty!

p.s. If you’re wondering why you don’t see Mr.Eastwood in the pen…. he’s in solitary confinement at the moment, don’t ask!

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  1. 1

    Looks like they are happy now!

  2. 2

    Now that is one kick ass chicken coop. I love coming here and looking at your chickens. I’d love to get some one day.

  3. 3

    I’d be thinking of a cover too. That hawk will be watching way too closely. You’ve got quite the set-up out there!

  4. 4

    I can not wait to get chickens! This is awesome!

  5. 6

    Wow – that’s some cage!

  6. 7

    that is a nice big pen. Yea, I would cover it too. my neighbors lost many a bird to hawks… and one mean nasty feral cat.

  7. 8

    Those are some BEAUTIFUL chickens!!
    Happy WW!

  8. 10

    This is all sorts of awesome!!

  9. 11

    That is one enormous trap, I mean, special space :)

  10. 12

    I love your chickens. Probably not enough to take care of them but I love the pictures of them!

  11. 13

    Looks great….I need to get Hank to build a coop cuz I’m tired of ours pooping on the tractor seat! LOL

  12. 15

    Those black and white chickens are so beauitful

  13. 16

    I’m dying to find out what the boy did to get stuck in solitary confinement. LOL

    • 17

      he is a BOY… a teenage.. hormone stricken nasty old BOY! lol My oldest hen can’t take his attentions and he seems to want to pick on her most. I sure am not putting HER into solitary confinement because of his zeal for the opposite sex ;)

  14. 18

    That is a nice coop! I bet you get the best eggs too!

  15. 19

    Those are the babies?! My goodness, I’ve missed a lot. You shouldn’t have told me about the hawk now I’ll be worried until the cover gets on. I’m glad they’ll stay out of the rafters now and will learn how to “put themselves away.” LOL… You guys did a great job on that. It’s looks wonderful!

  16. 20

    Very nice set up they have too. I bet you never lack for eggs :)

  17. 21

    Very nicely done! Those feathered babies will be safe and sound!

  18. 22

    Your chickens are amazing! I’m in such awe of your flock!

  19. 23
    lisa brown says

    Wow, I love your chickens! My husband keeps telling me we will have chickens one day. I hope they will be as well cared for as yours. Love the pics!

  20. 24
    lisa brown says

    Looks great, and the chickens look happy as well.

  21. 25

    I had to pin it on by coop board :).

  22. 26
    John Davidson says

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