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I strongly believe that one of the very best gifts we can give our children is the love of reading. There is no better way to encourage a child’s love to read than by sharing books with them that will excite and wow them. Curious Critters, the first children’s book by photographer David FitzSimmons, is one of the most beautiful books I’ve had the pleasure to receive.

David’s hope is that Curious Critters will inspire children and adults to conserve nature.

“To protect our natural world, we first have to care about it. I hope that my animal pictures allow readers to see common animals—from frogs and squirrels to caterpillars and katydids—in a whole new and meaningful way. I hope the photography captivates even the most reluctant readers.”

curious critters cover

Each of the 21 animals in Curious Critters is featured against a stark white background along with a short paragraph or two that is quite informative and silly at the same time. The photography is just absolutely stunning! I could not believe how we could see every tiny hair and antennae on some of the creatures. Both you and your children will be amazed by the details that you can see on these backyard critters.

curious critters flying squirrel

Every animal’s personality, texture and story just seems to shine through the pages of this book. David says that when he writing the book, “he imagined each critter had spoke to him during its portrait session and that he just wrote down what was said.” This means that the vignettes are educational and oftentimes filled with a bit of whimsy and humor as the animals share their worlds.

curious critters animal facts

I had planned on giving Curious Critters away as a Christmas gift to one of my nieces or nephews but we love it so much I’m thinking I’ll be buying a few more copies to give so we can keep ours :). I think pairing it with a cute stuffed animal {one that is found in the book perhaps?} would make a very nice present for a child. Curious Critters was written with children ages 4 – 8 in mind; however, I believe it would also appeal to older children. My {just turned} 11 year old daughter really enjoys it.

Be sure to stop by the Curious Critters Facebook page and visit to find many resources for you and your children. Fun facts, coloring pages, book preview and everything you want to know about how the book was created can be found there.

While checking the upcoming events section I noticed that the author will be in our area for a book signing toward the end of the year! I am pretty excited about that and plan on taking my daughter to have her book signed and meet the author! It will be the perfect way to show her that her dreams of becoming a professional photographer when she grows up are within reach! If you don’t have a boook signing in your area, all Curious Critters books purchased through the book’s website are signed by author and photographer David FitzSimmons. Personalized dedication is also available.

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I received a copy of Curious Critters to facilitate my candid review, not other compensation was received. These are my own true opinions.
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    Those pictures are amazing!!! Definitely get that book signed!

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    This looks like a great book! My daughter loves books of any kind but especially animal books. She’s very aware of the different animals and insects and will correct you if you give them the wrong name.

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    Katharina says

    This looks like a great book! I agree so strongly about giving the gift of reading to our children. I always had a book in my hands growing up and I’m so glad that it’s been the same for my daughter. Katharina

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