Can I ask a favor? Or bribe you into it?

My sister over at Just Contest Stuff asked me to vote for her today. to win a prize pack. I did! YAY! I noticed she had some stiff competition so I thought I might ask beg all of you awesomely, wonderful, beautiful readers for some more votes! :) Does bribery work? How about cookies? no?

Well if you’re bored and have 3 seconds here’s the link! Thank you! Oh and if you do vote then leave a comment on any of my current giveaways for 1 extra entry! I love bribery! Gevin

(If it doesn’t work then you may ahve to search for her by name Aimee Gevin)

In her words to me:

Please, please, please????

AND Pass this on to anyone you think might be willing to take 3 seconds to vote for me????

(The kiddos would be very happy with this if I won it!!!)

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  1. By any chance is this a younger sister? Haha..just because it sounds like my little sister. I'm wishing her luck and I voted for her.

  2. She wishes she were younger!!! heehee :) Don't kill me sis! Thanks so much for voting for her!

  3. Sooooo, Bribery works for me. LOL I voted for her. That is a crazy wonderful prize pack. Good Luck to her!!

  4. Yup, the bribery worked for me too. :) I voted.

  5. Did I ever tell you you're the best sister ever? And you have the best followers? You are. You do. (And, no, I'm not younger, just way immature!) Thank you.

  6. Designs by Jessie says

    Good luck to her! I just voted!

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