4 Greener Gardening Tips – Join SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive!

Can you believe we are already in week three of the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive? This Earth month, SCOTT Naturals has challenged consumers to take the SCOTT Naturals pledge to switch to SCOTT Naturals products for just four weeks. If everyone participated in this simple change, we could save 2 million trees! By switching […]

Yard Sales and Flea Markets are good for our Earth!

This spring weather has me dreaming of all the shopping I’ll soon be doing! You see, the warmer months are the perfect time for my favorite eco-friendly way to shop – yard sales! Not only yard sales, there are also flea markets, thrift stores and craft events all over the place when summertime hits. You […]

April is Earth Month! Pledge to take the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive!

April is Earth month and we’re making a difference by taking the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive! By making small changes in the products we use, we can make a big impact! When I am outside, enjoying the sunshine and watching my chickens free range across the back field, I can’t describe how thankful I […]

Wordless Wednesday – Random photos from our week

Pie’s recycled craft project for Earth Day / Grandparent’s Day at school – we found directions for the mini greenhouse on looledo.com   We woke up to a rainbow one morning this week – you can just make out the second one behind it. Yay for double rainbows in the morning! Oh and look what was […]

Marcal Small Steps Review – 100% recycled paper products

Happy Earth Day! More and more we are trying to make small changes in our lives that are better for our environment. Each little thing we can do as  individuals can have a large impact as the group grows. I was simply shocked when I learned that our own family of four could potentially save […]