April is Earth Month! Pledge to take the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive!

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April is Earth month and we’re making a difference by taking the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive! By making small changes in the products we use, we can make a big impact! When I am outside, enjoying the sunshine and watching my chickens free range across the back field, I can’t describe how thankful I am for the beautiful trees, wildlife and plants that surround our country home. What would the Earth be like without these gifts of nature? :( While we aren’t  super crunchy or eco-conscious in everything that we do, we do try to take small steps each day towards keeping our Earth healthy and happy. 

Collecting and recycling our glass, plastic and paper products — re-purposing trash and worn out goods — teaching our children to waste not, want not — these are all simple things we can do each day that will have a lasting impact on our environment. 

SCOTT Naturals™ is also taking small steps this Earth month. As the world’s first line of hybrid paper products, SCOTT Naturals™ combines the green benefits of recycled fiber with the quality we need.  As part of the partnership between SCOTT Naturals and The National Association of State Conservation Agencies, the state with the most amount of pledges will receive $50,000 in conservation efforts to be used towards helping sustain forests and land conservation, as well as protecting natural habitats and improving national parks. 

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By pledging to use products from the SCOTT Naturals line, such as their paper towels, bath tissue, napkins and flushable moist wipes you’ll be taking a part in reducing your impact on our Earth. When I signed our family up to take the pledge I was greeted with this interesting fact:

If everyone in {MY ZIPCODE} took the 4-Week Test Drive, 47 trees would be saved and there would be 6,581 more pledges for your state.

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We live in a small town, think how many trees could be saved when all of the small towns like ours join together, that’s a BIG change! How many could be saved when the people of  larger towns join? In fact, if EVERYone in the United States takes the pledge for just four weeks, together we could save over 2 MILLION** trees! See how when all of our small steps are combined, they can lead up to a HUGE change! Come back next week to read tips on how I make small changes! 

Join me by taking the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive this month!

** Substituting Scott Naturals towels, napkins and bath tissue including recycled fiber over 4 weeks reduces virgin fiber demand. Reduced tree harvesting based on average U.S. household sheet usage and saving 17 trees per ton of recycled fiber.

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This is a partnered post written as part of the SCOTT Naturals 4-Week Test Drive blogger campaign. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!
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    I am glad companies like Scott’s are making huge efforts to not only reduce their carbon footprint but make it cool so others follow suite!!


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