Picnic Food: June Potato Salad recipe

I really love potato salad, it’s the perfect side dish for anything you can throw on the grill. There really isn’t a way to make bad ptotao salad — make it from a recipe, make your Grandma’s version or throw together whatever’s in the fridge and it almost always turns out great. This simple homestyle […]

Potato Bacon Bean Chowder #recipe – it’s just good

We could cook potato soup everyday for a month and not make it the same way twice! Potato soup can be made in so many different ways! I loved this one because it doesn’t have a lot of milk in it like many other ones I have tried in the past. It is hearty and […]

{I cheated} Twice Baked Cheesy Herb Potatoes #recipe

I hadn’t had twice baked potatoes in years so when the thought crossed my mind to make them last weekend, I couldn’t resist. Honestly, you could throw pretty much whatever you want in to these and they would still taste delicious. I’ve seen them made with broccoli, ham, hard boiled eggs, spinach and all sorts […]

Country-Style Chicken & Veggie Bake

This is a great recipe that I wrote down years ago. I think I found it in an old magazine but I can’t be sure! What I am sure about is the fact that it is delicious! The vegetables are creamy and full of flavor, the chicken stays moist and juicy. I’ve never tried it […]

A big bag of Potatoes

On Monday we were visiting with my Mom when my 2nd Dad got home from work. He had brought home a few 50lb bags of potatoes for them and a few other members of the family to split. We bought one bag off of him because they looked so yummy! We figured $10 for 50lb […]

Quick and Easy Savory Potato Soup recipe

It’s just about soup weather again! Well, in my mind anytime is soup weather, but not everyone agrees on that :) Soup is good for the soul and quick homemade potato soup is even better. Potato soup is one of my favorites! I especially love it with a hot from the oven roll. I didn’t […]