Dad’s Bread Beans Recipe

When I was little my Dad would often make “bread beans”. They weren’t anything fancy, just bread and beans, but when Dad made them they were special. I keep getting a craving for them so I tried making my own version. Pretty close to Dad’s and quite tasty. The kids loved them so I think […]

A big bag of Potatoes

On Monday we were visiting with my Mom when my 2nd Dad got home from work. He had brought home a few 50lb bags of potatoes for them and a few other members of the family to split. We bought one bag off of him because they looked so yummy! We figured $10 for 50lb […]

Fun with Rice – 43 stir in ideas for plain old rice

Here are some great ideas to spruce up plain old rice! I love rice and usually have at least a bag each of long grain white & brown rice in the cupboard. It always seems like I have a hard time being very creative with those bags of rice though! Some of these simple ways […]