Cock-a-Doodle Don’t – Guest Post by Telling Dad

Dear Readers, you are in for a treat today! The awesome, amazing, and quite humorous work-from-home-Dad Greg of is here today! I hope you’ll enjoy his guest post as much as I did, it made me laugh out loud! ~Henrietta The first time I ever saw a chicken outside cellophane is when my father-in-law […]

My friend Carrie’s Quick Chicken Pot Pie

A friend of mine started a private group on Facebook so that we all can swap recipes when we’re stumped about what to make for dinner, or just want to share something yummy. Great idea! One of the first recipes posted was by my friend, and group leader – Carrie, who posted a Quick Chicken […]

Summer Grill Recipes: Pineapple Chicken Packets

I love summer because it means we can cook out on the grill again! (although I do know people who do this year round, even in the freezing snow!) This is a quick and easy recipe that uses up some of that fresh produce from your garden or the farmer’s market. I like to make […]

Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens – book review

I’ve just read the quaintest little book on chicken raising that there ever was! Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens is a must have for any poultry keeper, young and old, or even those just interested in the ways of the chicken.The book includes “Simple, economical ways with eggs, chicks, broody hens, laying hens […]

Gabby and the three chicks explore the world!

Friday I let Gabby take her three chicks she hatched out of the brooding cage for the first time. It’s a hot day and they’ve been cooped up for a week, some fresh air will do them good! I was a bit worried about the other banties picking on them, that’s what chickens do, but […]

Country-Style Chicken & Veggie Bake

This is a great recipe that I wrote down years ago. I think I found it in an old magazine but I can’t be sure! What I am sure about is the fact that it is delicious! The vegetables are creamy and full of flavor, the chicken stays moist and juicy. I’ve never tried it […]

Not a mutant Chicken….

I swear I’m not feeding my chickens some kind of super growth hormones. I’m not harboring mutant chickens or collecting eggs from some freaky She-Woman hen. No, but somehow , someway, someone out in the coop MUST have one sore bottom! I suspect my Oldest Buff Orpington “Buffy” (yes, real original, I know). Every day […]