Picnic Food: June Potato Salad recipe

I really love potato salad, it’s the perfect side dish for anything you can throw on the grill. There really isn’t a way to make bad ptotao salad — make it from a recipe, make your Grandma’s version or throw together whatever’s in the fridge and it almost always turns out great. This simple homestyle […]

{I cheated} Twice Baked Cheesy Herb Potatoes #recipe

I hadn’t had twice baked potatoes in years so when the thought crossed my mind to make them last weekend, I couldn’t resist. Honestly, you could throw pretty much whatever you want in to these and they would still taste delicious. I’ve seen them made with broccoli, ham, hard boiled eggs, spinach and all sorts […]

Dad’s Bread Beans Recipe

When I was little my Dad would often make “bread beans”. They weren’t anything fancy, just bread and beans, but when Dad made them they were special. I keep getting a craving for them so I tried making my own version. Pretty close to Dad’s and quite tasty. The kids loved them so I think […]

Fun with Rice – 43 stir in ideas for plain old rice

Here are some great ideas to spruce up plain old rice! I love rice and usually have at least a bag each of long grain white & brown rice in the cupboard. It always seems like I have a hard time being very creative with those bags of rice though! Some of these simple ways […]