This is why you are always tired even after 8-10 hours of sleep

Feeling tired even after a long night of sleep is common among both adults and teenagers. Read this to find out why you are always tired even after 8 or more hours of sleep and what you can do about it.

Feeling tired even after a long night of sleep may be very common but is not something to turn a blind eye to. Fatigue is a symptom of several conditions, some medical while others are simply the effects of your lifestyle choices. Lack of energy and fatigue is a very serious issue that could lead to other mental and physical conditions.

The following might be the reason why you are always tired:

You are probably taking too many refined carbs before bed.

While carbs are a quick source of energy, they could have a negative effect on your sleeping patterns. When you eat carbs, your body breaks them down to sugar which is then used as fuel for the body. Taking too much of refined carbs can make feel tired and drowsy throughout the day.

Processed carbs and sugar cause a rapid rise in blood sugar and this signals your pancreas to produce insulin in large amounts so as to get sugar from your blood to your cells. The rise in blood sugar can make you feel tired and exhausted throughout the day. This is especially worse for people who take refined carbs with all their meals. To keep your energy levels stables throughout the day, try replacing the refined carbs and sugar with fibre rich whole foods.

You don’t have an active lifestyle

Having a sedentary lifestyle could be the reason for your low energy level and tiredness. Most people will not exercise because they feel too tired or do not have enough time in their schedule. Lack of exercise will pose negative emotional and physical effects on you.

One of the effects of not exercising is risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS is characterised by extreme fatigue on the daily. People with CFS also have low endurance and strength levels and this can limit your ability to exercise, work, or even sleep like a regular person.

The best way to beat this fatigue is to have an active lifestyle. Exercise helps boost your energy levels, keeps you healthy and has major positive effects on your sleep pattern. If you are a morning person, you could exercise a couple of hours before work but if not, you could do it after work.

Make sure you exercise a couple of hours before your sleeping time so you do not mess up your sleep routine. Exercise increases energy levels and activeness and this can lead to lack of sleep and consequently tiredness which is why you need to do it a couple of hours before your bed time.

You are not getting high quality sleep

The quantity of sleep does not matter when the quality of sleep you are getting is low/ poor quality sleep is a very common cause of fatigue. You would think that not getting 7 or more hours of sleep would be the only issue leading to fatigue but that is not the case.

After a 7-hour sleep, you should wake up feeling alert, refreshed and energised. Your sleep should be comfortable, peaceful and interrupted to allow your brain and body to rest so you can wake up active and refreshed.

If you are eating right, involved in regular exercise, regulating room and light temperature then the issue might be your sleeping environment. A proper sleeping environment is essential for good quality sleep.

If you have noise and sound pollution chances are you will not get good quality sleep. An uncomfortable bed and mattress could be the reasons you are not getting good quality sleepy.

Bumps, holes and bulges on your mattress could leave you tossing and turning which prevents your brain and body from having a good night’s rest.

Replacing your beddings is essential for a productive night rest. Mattress direct will help you find a suitable mattress to increase your quality of sleep and reduce fatigue during the day. Noise cancelling headphones will reduce sound pollution and allow you to have 7 or more hours of interrupted sleep.

You do not take enough calories and protein

Believe it or not, consuming less calories can make you feel exhausted or fatigued during the day. Your body uses calories for physical energy and to do regular processes like maintaining a constant body temperature and breathing. When you eat less calories, your metabolism will slow down so it can conserve energy and this causes fatigue.

Most people need at least 1200 calories every day to have a regular metabolism. If you are older, you will need to eat more so you can perform normally without getting tired. To keep your energy levels up avoid drastic calorie cuts.

Inadequate protein is also a contributing factor to fatigue. Adding more protein to your diet can boost your metabolism rate as opposed to fat and carbs. Add high protein foods like meat, fish and eggs to your diet to increase your energy levels throughout the day.

You do not hydrate

Staying hydrated is also important when you want to maintain good energy levels during the day. biochemical reactions that take place in your body everyday use up a lot of water that needs to be replaced eventually. Mild energy levels could take away from your cognitive abilities and make you less alert.

You rely on caffeine and energy drinks

There are plenty of drinks that are known to increase your energy fast. Energy drinks include caffeine, sugar, amino acids and more. They provide a temporary energy boost but eventually lead to fatigue when the effects wear put. Such drinks have been associated to sleep issues like insomnia and sleep apnea. Cut back on caffeine and energy drinks and replace them with exercise.


High levels of anxiety and stress could also affect your productivity during the day. excessive stress will affect your sleeping patterns and eventually cause fatigue throughout the day. while it might be very hard to avoid some stressful situations, you could change the way you deal with them and avoid all the effects of stress.

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