Why Moving Is So Important


Humans were meant to move and be active; it’s how we were made. As time progressed from ancient to modern, we have lost some of our key reasons to why we as a species moved to survive. Technology has made it much easier on our bodies to get from one point to another without having to hardly lift a finger. However, that could be our biggest downside and even lead to our demise. Mobility is so crucial to our health and existence that even moving simply 5 or 10 minutes a day could make a significant difference in our lives.

Without moving your joints to their fullest extents and effort, you risk damage from an injury that could be irreversible. As we age, it becomes harder to get around the same way we did as we were kids, but that makes it even more crucial to get out to take just a quick walk. Sometimes you’re too tired to do a full workout after a long day at work or school, and that’s totally understandable, but there are options of a light yoga or Pilates session, a small walk around your neighborhood, or maybe even a HIIT workout. Anything to get you moving and your blood pumping will prove positive later on in your life. Your elderly years will thank you!

Some of the key benefits of being active are:

1. Decreases chance of injury

This is a much more obvious one, but having free and fully functional joints are essential to living a good life. Being able to move around without any pain or limits helps you keep up with your peers.

2. Become stronger

If our full range of motion is affected, then the rest of our body is not gaining the same level of strength. Overworking one muscle group could cause damage that’ll put you out for a while if the injury is bad enough. Make sure to properly work each body part and not leave anything out.

3. All you need is you!

There are so many different exercises out there that it’s impossible to say that you can’t find anything that you like. To truly start a change, all you need is you. Some simple bodyweight exercises would do wonders. As you advance through your journey, then you may want to add some weights and resistance. For now, stick to the basics of your own self.

Problems that arise from no mobility can happen at any age, but as we get older it’s much harder to fix the issue than if we were teenagers or in our early twenties. It’s a known fact that our bodies deteriorate and break down, which is why it’s so important to start as early as you can so you can avoid major issues. You wouldn’t want to end up in a wheelchair at age 50. They’re difficult to navigate and you might not always find a spot that has easy wheelchair access. Tight aisles or narrow hallways are difficult to get through. Sitting at restaurants can sometimes be a hassle to find a proper place in. Going to the bathroom is no fun and you risk causing issues to your hands likes cuts and calluses. If the thought of having to use a wheelchair gets you down, you need to read more about the www.zingerchair.com. This is an amazing mobility chair that is going to change the way you look at getting around.

You may have a relative in their later years that is wheelchair bound and it isn’t fun to watch the struggle of being in one. Our bodies have a wonderful way of healing, but there becomes a point where we push it past its limit or neglect it so much that it can’t perform what it naturally does best. Public transportation doesn’t always cater to wheelchair-bound people, especially senior citizens. However, you can still build upper body strength with a wheelchair that’s ergonomic and quite simple to use without struggling to fit in tight spaces.

If your loved one is in a nursing home or is being taken care of by a nurse that comes to their home, you want the absolute best service for them. Getting outside is a must. We all need vitamin D and fresh air; these are necessities for our physical and mental health. Taking walks and being active to the limits of your loved one should be discussed one on one with their caregiver and you also want to look out for the signs of any abuse or neglect. It’s unfortunate that it needs to be said, but you need to be aware of what could happen to someone like your mother or father. You want someone that will take care of them with the amount of love and compassion that you would.

At any age, it’s good to start a small exercise routine and build upon it. Exercising causes a younger feeling to your body and also sends endorphins to your brain, which is an overall boost to your approach at life. Once you make it a habit, you start making different life choices that you didn’t think were possible. So get up and get active!

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

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