Six Uses for a Shed

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A shed is a feature of a home that is, often, underrated. Not every home has one. When they do, they are usually in disrepair. A shed does not have to be a dark and dirty place full of cobwebs. Even a large shed with a trending exterior barn door can be much more than just a dingy place for old boxes and broken down lawn equipment. The shed out back can be converted from a tedious eyesore into another pleasant part of a home.


The most obvious use for a shed is the most common one. Just because a shed is used for storing things, it does not have to be the stereotypical nightmare shed. Some simple organization can transform a mess into a pleasant place. Putting shelves on the walls provides places to place boxes of Christmas decorations or other seasonal items. Framing a corner into a closet section can provide a place for weedwhackers, lawnmowers, and other equipment that keeps the gasoline smell in. A table in the center leaves room for sorting through the stored items.


An unused shed can be a good place to start or grow plants. There are several ways it could be set up. It is usually dark inside of sheds, but no light is necessary for sprouting seeds. That means that, even with no modification, it can be a great place to start a full garden. Some simple modifications, however, can transform a simple shed into a growroom. Electrical lighting and even an automatic watering system is the easiest way to get a garden going. A bit of work and some windows could be installed or half of the roof replaced with a clear pane of plastic to convert the shed into a functioning greenhouse.

Craft Room

It is always nice to have a room in the house to dedicate to crafts and projects, but that requires a room. A shed can be finished inside and become a great room for doing delicate crafting or textile works. Unfinished, it can still be used for heavier projects. A shed is a great spot for use as a woodshop or to keep some light metalworking equipment. It could even be converted to be a quiet and private office.

Play Palace

While a toolshed is no place for children to be playing, an unused shed can be converted into one. Instead of spending too much money on a plastic playhouse, a coat of paint and once over for sharp points can turn an old shed into a magical play place. With imagination, a child can make it anything they want it to be. A few shelves to place toys will help keep the play shed tidy. Industrious builders can even add features such a skylight to the roof or an adjacent sandbox to make it an even more child-friendly place.


A renovated shed can be a good place for the ladies to get together. While a shed does not sound like an appealing place for women, it can be with a few modifications. It would, of course, need a window installed because natural lighting is important for a beautiful atmosphere. A coat of paint and a rug or some carpeting on the floor would make the interior much homier. After the basic construction needs, it is a simple matter of accessorizing. A card table and a wine refrigerator could make it a pleasant place for those long summer evenings.


A place for the guys to hang out is the obvious option if it is not going to be used for its intended storage purposes. It is a great way to get the ruckus and roughhousing out of the living room. It does not even need a whole lot of changes to be a great place for men to hang out. Paint is nice, but not even necessary. All the guys need is a couch for crashing, a big-screen television to catch the games and fights, and, of course, a refrigerator for keeping the beer cold. With those three things, a shed can quickly become the guy’s favorite room in the house.

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