What I Love About You, Mom – Mother’s Day book Review


I always end up spending close to half an hour or longer in the card aisle, trying to pick out the perfect Mother’s Day card for my Mom, dodging shopping carts and other people’s arms as they reach around me looking for their perfect cards, too. I’m not sure why I feel like the card is such an important part of the day, but it’s just something special that I want to get right each year. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are super sentimental and sometimes, I buy one of each.

When I recently received the book “What I Love About You, Mom”, I thought to myself — now this is like a great big giant Mother’s Day card! Most moms (myself included) love to get flowers and cards on Mother’s Day. But we also love to know that our loved ones aren’t just going through the motions when they give us a gift. We want to know that what they are saying, sharing, giving is truly from the heart and done with a lot of thought. 

That’s why I think this beautiful book would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. From the intro page, to the last page, each fill in the blank, activity, checklist or question makes you think about what Mom really means to you.


In fact, there are 80 pages in all and each one has a different activity that will hopefully encourage you to remember special moments you’ve shared with your mom, little things you remember about your childhood and reasons why you so appreciate your mom. 

For example, here are just a few of the sample prompts. Which one do you think would spark your memory the most?

Here’s a picture of us when I was young…
I used to love it when you…
My favorite food that you make is…
I hope I’ve inherited half your…
It meant a lot to me when you…
Thank you for not
Here’s something I wish we could do more often…
Two things I especially look forward to in our future…
If I could take you anywhere in the world, I’d take you to…

what I love about you mom book pages

There is plenty of space on each page to write your thoughts and there is even a page for you to trace your hand for mom, just like you used to do as a child! I cannot think of a better way to show mom how much you care! 

Where to find the book and how to stay in touch!

What I love About You, Mom is the creation of the husband and wife author team — Kate & David Marshall. Together, they have sold over 760,000 copies of their wonderful guided journals such as My Life Map, Picture of Me and The Book of Us.

This latest addition will be a gorgeous keepsake for birthdays, baby showers or Mother’s Day from children of all ages. What I Love About You, Mom retails for a very affordable $14.00 and is available for purchase at MarshallBooks.com, US.PenguinGroup.com, Amazon.com and other online or local book sellers. You may keep in touch with Kate and David Marshall’s publications through their Facebook page or on Twitter @MarshallBooks.

Win the What I Love About You, Mom book!!

Thanks to Penguin Group, one lucky reader will win their own copy of What I Love About You, Mom! Fill it out, gift it to your mom for Mother’s Day or her birthday or just because and she will be sure to have the best day ever!

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Giveaway prize and complimentary review product were provided by Penguin Group, regardless, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% my own.


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    Terra Heck says

    “If I’m not going to believe or trust you, I’m sure not going to believe or trust your friends.”
    My mom said this every time when I was younger and I’d say “just ask my friends if it’s true or not”.


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    debbie miller says

    are you hungry…do you need a snack?

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    shannon Baas says

    I love you.

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    LaDonna G says

    “Because I said so!”

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    Sherri Ann…..the whole name being called …I knew I was in trouble.

  6. 8

    Say you’re sorry to your brother(s).

  7. 9
    Stephanie Larison says

    Just wait until you have a child.

  8. 10

    I hate picking out cards when it comes to the verses – I always know my mother reads them and thinks I chose them for the words. When in fact I just liked the design!

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    “Share with your brothers”

  10. 12

    …be nice to your brother

  11. 13

    “Oh Sandra, stop being so dramatic!”

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